This works great for MTS or Planaria and any other bugs that love to hang out in the gravel... not that MTS are bugs but they can overrun a tank pretty quick if you feed too much. It is completely fish and shrimp safe (especially bugs in a shrimp tank are hard to remove without catching some baby shrimp) and I have heard horror stories of other traps trapping fish and them dying.

All you need is a cleaned bottle (I just use a water bottle) - Slice off the top and the bottom and chuck the middle in the bin unless you are into plastic bracelets. Remove the lid from the top half... this is where the critters are going to crawl in..

Now something to lure the little bugs...bloodworms are perfect as nothing I know in the fishy world can resist them but any fish food will do - pop it into the bottom half of the bottle

Slot the bottle top onto the bottom - make sure there are no gaps between the two

Now just put it in the aqua - shove it slightly into the gravel/sand - the bugs are going to crawl up under the gravel into the bottle neck and onto the yummy bloodworms