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Thread: New to Plants

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    Default New to Plants

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    I am thinking that when i start up my next tank I would like to try planted plants - real plants -
    I have no idea how to go about or what I need -- can anyone point me in the right direction as to what kind to begin with -- what kind of substrate do I need - lighting and all that other stuff --
    thanks in advance

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    Mean what you say"

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    Why not start easy.... use what you have

    Plants that will grow in most conditions are Java Fern, Java Moss, Hygrophilia Polysperma add some floating plants (they are close to the light even if it is low and will survive)

    That way you can leave the substrate as it is as well as the lighting etc. see how you like it... if you fall in love with the whole idea you can always upgrade later.
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    will they grow in gravel -- that is what I currently have in my tanks??
    what about lighting??

    "Say what you mean and
    Mean what you say"

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    A good start would telling us what lighting you have currently.

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    1: light,get a t-5ho fixture such as the current nova extreme,get 1 that will give at least 3wpg.Get bulbs for it that are for plants such as there plant grow bulb in the 6700k range.
    2:substrate,you cant go wrong with fluorite,get enough to have at least a 3" planting bed.
    3:Good heater,if you are using a canister filter I recommend the hydor ETH inline external heater,this will give you nice even heating without plant maiming cold spots.
    4: ferts,the entire seachem line is a good place to start making sure you have the big 3,potassium,iron and nitrogen,especially if you will be going with heavy feeders such as swords.
    5:plants,swords are cool and there are a big range of suitable species.I like rubins at the moment.Ludwigia is also a good grower and will add color.
    6:c02 source,I use seachem excel exclusively even though I am planted heavily enough to benefit from pressurized.
    7:patience and perseverance and a hard head.

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