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Thread: 50g Lighting

  1. Question 50g Lighting

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    How many watts per gallon would I need for a 50g to support basic and easy to care for plants? I'll probably be setting up our 50g and I want it to be planted and have a school of some sort of tetras. Might be getting the filter for it tonight, also need some thoughts on a filter, don't think my parents would wanna buy a canister so leave that out because, but if we go with canister a Fluval 305 should be fine.

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    Please give answers, will probably be picking up filter and lighting tomorrow. Also how many pounds of gravel would be needed for a 50g, 12x48x18?

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    Is your tank 12" or 18" in height?

    For my 50g which is 18" high I have 20w - 0.4wpg and It can only grow hygrophilia polysperma and java ferns. If you get 1-2wpg your looking at a better range. Anarcharis, Hornwort, Java moss, Anbuias, swords.. etc. But the height is important.

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    Something in a t-5 ho light or compact fluorescent giving you 100 watts of 6700k spectrum lighting for a fixture,I recommend and use current usa fixtures and I would go with the t-5 if I had the option.For gravel I am not sure but would think 75 pounds would be about right.I have 65lbs in my 36" 58gal and could use a bit more.Get fluorite or some other plant substrate as this makes for healthier plants.Get the 305 if you can or a rena xp-2.If you can get either get an aqua clear ac 70.

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    Okay, the height is 18". And will probably get somewhere between 80-120 watts of lighting giving about 1wpg. And getting new fixtures isn't an option.

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    Got a few plants in mind, just wanna make sure that they would be fine with lighting; hornwort, amazon sword, and anubis. Feel free to make other suggestions, also if there are a couple each of those plants in the tank will there need to be a CO2 system? Also would having the substrate half flourite and half gravel be fine?
    Last edited by AquaBison; 09-28-2008 at 02:16 AM.

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    Off to bed, better have some answers in the morning or I'm going to have to take a guess with the substrate.

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    Those plants should do okay in low light.

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    Okay, need an answer with the subsrate very soon. I'm leaving to go to church very soon, and we're stopping at the LPS on the way back.

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    LAST CALL ON ANSWERS!!!!! Leaving in 1 minute.
    __________________________________________________ _____
    EDIT: GONE!!!
    Last edited by AquaBison; 09-28-2008 at 01:41 PM.

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