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  1. Default Blue Gourami Breeding

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    Hey! can anyone help me out im curious, i have 2 Blue Gouramis one of about 4 inches (male) and a female of about 2 - 3 inches im aware that they must be bigger to breed but can anyone tell me the size the fish must be and housing requirements for breeding, thanx!

  2. Default

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    Actually they are large enough to breed or your male is anyway. Blue gourami can breed from 3 inches.

    They build a bubble nest where they lay their eggs. Lower the water levels to about 8 inches and make sure there are a lot of plants on the surface. Keep current to a minimum. The fry will need very small food.

  3. Default

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    Thanx man, Your the best, should i raise teh tempreture though and what are some good plants to give them for the nest??? thanx agen

  4. Default

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    Hey William u seem to know a bit about fish LOL
    anyway i put the gouramis together and at first the male was showing no interest in the female as she followed him around then she (female is 3 inches) started nipping his tail and he (male is 6 inches) started to return the favour then i thought they were fighting so as i searched for the net to seperat them she started slapping her tail in his fface is this a courteship display of some sort or should i be worried thanx dude

  5. Default

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    raising the temperaturea couple of degrees can be a good idea (depending on what you keep it at now)

    Don't worry about fighting as long as the male isn't constantly chasing the female who is trying to hide. You would soon se one fish retreat if they were fighting. Keep an eye on them though.

    Any larger floating plant will work. floating fern might be the easiest to care for but there are a lot of others to use from. The most important thing is that there are plants to attach the nest to.

  6. Default

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    Ive curently got Anacharis plant floating threw the tank which they seem to be investigating and i will keep u up to date on the events

  7. #7


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    are they fighting if noyt your okay.
    i love bettas and love parakeets. i wish i had one or two parakeets. i had bettas.

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