Today I havenīt posted any news put instead I have a posted an (according to me) interesting interview with Marc van Roosmalen, renowned biologist and TIME magazine hero of the planet.

Interview with Marc van Roosmalen

If you donīt know how he is you might want to start by reading the introduction below. You find a link to the interview at the end og the text.
Marc van Roosmalen

I have also decided to try to help van Roosmalen in his current situation since I got an idea that ended in the Blog Monkey Initiative. Which is an attempt to collect some money and name a monkey species after the blogosphere, Lagothrix blogii, the blog monkey. You can see a picture of the monkey species by going to the Blog Monkey Initiative.

I helped setup the webpage and am hosting it but all monye collevcted goes directly to van Roosmalen via paypal. Myself or AC have no part in that.

Going to be fun to see if my idea to help him will work and weīll get a blog monkey or not.