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    nice and same if you ever come down to the burbs you got any links?

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    A couple outside the city is

    Living Sea Aquarium in Park Ridge
    -Amazing displays several ponds with koi, sharks, stingrays, lots of tanks to choose from, tons of fish. So/so with quality sometimes, most of the time its really good. Heard some bad things about their filtration system.

    Old Orchard Aquarium in Skokie
    -smart people nice tanks to buy, good quality fish.

    Ocean Design Aquarium in Chicago (more west)
    -good quality service so/so when i went there. Several teenage girls there gave me dirty looks when I walked in but one of my friends who has worked at most of these places told me if you go on the right day theres one lady there who is awesome.

    Old Town Aquarium in Chicago, more into the city
    Ah I love these guys, their tanks are awesome, quality is good but their prices are kind of ridiculous. but I love this store, applied there a couple times.

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    You should take a look at this kind of lamp:

    I use something like this over my 10g and it works great. 27 watts is plenty of light and the color temp is usually about 6500k on the bulbs. the only drawback is instead of a long strip, it's just 4 shorter bulbs next to eachother so you have to raise it above the tank a bit for the light to spread over the whole tank.

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    White clouds are coldwater fish unlike cherry shrimp. You say rasboras, a school of boraras maculatus would be awesome if you can find a shop which sells them.

    50G Tank - Kyathit Danios, Zebra Danio, Swordtails, Silver Hatchetfish, Platy, Gold Barbs, Cherry Barbs, Bolivian Rams, Apisto, Zebra Loaches.
    20G 'Nano Fish' Tank - Pygmy Rasboras, Lampeyes, Sparkling Gouramis, CPD, Bronze Corydoras, Cherry Shrimp
    Wanted: More CPD's and Loaches.
    Keep updated with my fish world in my Blog! And my tanks Blog!

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    Oh so no white clouds then *sigh*

    ooo boraras maculatus are pretty I would have to so some hunting for them. I was thinking Harlequin Rasboras though :)

    Another question though. So when I was at work yesterday I noticed that we have 25w compact flourescent bulbs that you screw in to tops and the hoods that 10g's come with can handle two 25w bulbs and they usually use incandescent though.

    Would it be okay just to swap out the incandescent bulbs with the 25w compact flourescent bulbs by marineland???

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    nevermind, the compact flourescents were only 10w.

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    I tried that. Usually those bulbs aren't the right spectrum for plants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamAnthrax
    ooo thanks! will definately use that idea.

    np man! take care!
    ~ The fish dude~

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    Quote Originally Posted by FishDude13
    Use API leaf zone, it provides alot of great nutrients and they will grow like crazy, I just have sand substate and they grow great, cycle it with the leaf zone and then add plants after a week. Add 10ml first day then add 2ml everyday till the week cycling is over. it worked for me.

    You can add plants the day u start up your tank...

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    So i decided to do a five gallon set up instead of a 10g. I changed everything I wanted to do. I have sand at the bottom and I got these fourish tabs but I only put one in it. The tank came with a 9w compact flourescent.

    I have it running now, i put a small green mondo grass thing in it for now and I am planning to go to a diff fish store to buy some more plants tomorrow. :)

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