heyyy,,, great site, loove the species section! so0o0o many :P
well,,, im Mothi, i live in saudi arabia... umm... lessy.... i started aquaria about a year and a half ago, got myself an 85G tank and just started with some lame gold fish "no offense" then just a huge community of different fishes... the fish i have tried till now are:
rainbows <-- love em
gold fish
betts <-- love em, got 6 :P
tetra = penguin/congo
discus <-- love em
cichlids = oscars/mbunas/johanni <--love em
sharks = bala shark
loaches = orange finned <-- hyperactive loaches :P love em though
mollies <-- hate um!
swordtails <-- love em
gouramies = pearls <-- love em but hated gold gouramies!

well thats enough about me :) ho to all and happy new year!!!!