my angel fry are now no longer eggs. they have fully developed eyes and tails, but still clinging on to the leaves and wiggling.

I do not see them attached to the leaves of the plant, but they are sort of hugging to it. Once in a while one drops off and the parent will pick them up and spit them back onto the leaves.

I have been wondering what food to feed them, and when I should start doing so. I searched and read the net and most suggested to starting feeding when they begin free swimming. Since they are still wiggling I guess they are not free swimmers yet?

Most seems to suggest newly hatched brine shrimps but I don't have time to hatch shrimp eggs. So I was looking for ready made store bought food. My LFS suggested the SERA MICRON for fry.

But I am in a 29 gallon tank I scooped a small spoonful of this and it's all dispersed and none made it to the fry location.

Any ideas?