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    I have a bit of a problem. If I can't flush fish (which I have, ugh, before finding out what it was) with TB and the water they were in and I have to bury them and dump the water outside, I am in one major pickle. I live right next to a lake that have healthy fish in it and we also have well water. I don't want to expose the healthy fish and people to the fish TB. The water line rises when there is major amounts of rain.

    I have two questions:
    1) Should I find an aquarium cleaning company of sorts to dispose of things properly?
    2) Is it possible that my fiddler crabs could have started the fish TB issue or caught it? I had fiddler crabs before my Mollies and the fiddler crabs seemed to die off quickly (maybe 2 to 3 months). The last two fiddler crabs I had before moving on to Mollies, I noticed that the female had a dark circle on her leg. The male had a dark hole in his large claw and it was within a dark circle. After the last crab died, I gave up and began with the Mollies (checking water/partial changes regularly) and they kept dying, but not as quick as my last die off. Maybe one a week. During the die off, two right away (newest additions) just died. Then another a couple of days later, then that is when I started noticing the problems. I'm on my last fish now, and she's most likely dead at this point. I also have one fry that seems totally fine, at the moment. The three bottom feeders are swimming about and eating like nothing has happened (they were part of the last introduction of fish before the Mollies began getting sick maybe a couple of days later).

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    Quote Originally Posted by tanks4thememories View Post
    Looking at that, my fish had a crap ton of problems. Fish TB, Dropsy, and Swim Bladder Disease. A couple seemed to have the Swim Bladder thing then died later of what seemed to be Dropsy (started off head pointed down; trying to wedge themselves in the right direction among the plants and then when they died, they had big bellies). I also had a couple that looked like they had Fish TB and maybe something else (c or s shaped bodies, somewhat bloated, struggled to eat/swim). They would dart (like spasms almost), stop and then sink and struggle to stay sitting up in the normal fish position.

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    Good heavens. This thread is 5 years old. How did you even find it? LOL

    Start a new thread.
    Last edited by Lady Hobbs; 05-10-2013 at 11:16 PM.

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