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    Default Peppered cories spawning?!?

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    I think my peppered cories are spawning, I have three and I noticed they were acting kind of funny this morning, when I got closer I saw that the biggest one had her fins clamped together and was holding two eggs, and the other two were vibrating around her madly, even knocking on the glass and making noise. Then she deposited the eggs in a clump of Christmas moss. I did notice some weird looking things stuck to the glass in that area of the tank the other day, could they be cory eggs too?? I've never had fish spawn before and I don't really have the space to set up a fry tank, should I just leave everything alone and see what happens? I do have an empty 15 that I might be able to throw together... what should I do?

    There must be something about the new tank, my mystery snails have been going at it like crazy all week too...

    Also, I got a video of the little guys this morning, I'll try to upload it it later if anyone wants to see!

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    I saw those for sale online yesterday and they aren't cheap. Good for you for having a spawn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Hobbs
    I saw those for sale online yesterday and they aren't cheap. Good for you for having a spawn.
    Congrats on the spawn! Where I live peppered cory's are pretty cheap. I think you should set up the 15g and try to raise them.
    Last edited by troy; 08-16-2008 at 07:06 PM.

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    My peppered cories breed all the time. I just let them be in the tank and a lot of them make it. I just dropped off 20 to the LFS because it was getting very crowded. They've already spawned again now that there is room for more. Once they start, they never stop.

    If there is enough hiding places in your tank, they'll find a way to make it.

    - Bill
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    Congratulations on your eggs!!!

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    Thanks guys! I was telling my aunt about it earlier today, and apparently while I was away and my 29 broke, she said when they moved my fish out of the rubbermaid and into the new tank there were 4 cories and one was absolutely tiny. I guess they've spawned before, lol, though I haven't seen any sign of a fourth cory in the new tank. I do have alot of moss and hiding spots, but I also borrowed a breeder net, should I put the eggs in the breeder net to hatch? If so, how do I remove them from the glass without smushing them? I think I'll probably just end up leaving them alone and seeing if any make it. I don't know! Either way I'm pretty excited, lol

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    thats awsome congrats on the eggs

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