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    Mine get shrimp pellets as a staple but also, being alot faster than most of my other fish, get flake and all the foods I feed my apistos, tetras, otos and bristlenose.

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    Mine get those Hikari sinking wafers... My corys totally love them! Other than the wafers, they pretty much eat anything else that's at the bottom of the tank. I sprinkle Hikari daphnia into the tank every so often, but I have no idea if the corys ever get a chance to snack on them, since my other fish go nuts for those freeze-dried critters! I wish some place sold NLS here, but unfortunately nobody does

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    If you have very fine gravel or sand you can use hikari micro pellets .To get them to sink just release them under water.They are sized perfectly for corys.Dont do it this way if you have anything other then fine substrate ,it will get in the rocks to far for them to get it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doug z
    I didn't know they eat veggies..

    What kind?
    Every one of my fish enjoy veggies!!

    As for the cories i feed mine these cory pellet no brand name sorry -.-

    50G Tank - Kyathit Danios, Zebra Danio, Swordtails, Silver Hatchetfish, Platy, Gold Barbs, Cherry Barbs, Bolivian Rams, Apisto, Zebra Loaches.
    20G 'Nano Fish' Tank - Pygmy Rasboras, Lampeyes, Sparkling Gouramis, CPD, Bronze Corydoras, Cherry Shrimp
    Wanted: More CPD's and Loaches.
    Keep updated with my fish world in my Blog! And my tanks Blog!

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    I feed mine NLS water stable wafers, shrimp pellets, cucumber, and they eat any NLS pellets that my tetras or blue rams miss.

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    Thanks everybody!

    I have 6 in my 29g and 4 in my 10g. They all seem happy and I'd like to keep them that way!

    How do you prepare the cucumber?

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