Hi all,
this is my first post, so a little background info.
About a year ago I was out fishing with my son while hubby was at work, we caught a decent sized (about 11 inches) bullhead cat. My plan was bring it along with the bluegill home and have dinner. Much to my suprise the bullhead was still alive after a 30minute hike in 100+ degree temps and no water. Long story shory my son begged me not to kill him, so we put him in the tank I had been cycling to put Oscars in (no I never did get my Oscars lol). About 2 weeks later, little one brought me another smaller bullhead as a pet. Recently we aquired a Stonecat, 6 inches of pure appatite and cuteness.
Before anyone asked I checked with the local game wardens, Im ok to keep wild fish as pets as long as I keep a fishing permit and remember to count them as part of my total catch each day. Since there isnt a limit on bullheads up here, Im good to hook so to speak.

I guess my questions are:
Does anyone else keep bullies or stonecats as pets
Am I feeding them wrong? They get cichlid pellets, nightcrawlers, and beef or chicken liver (the liver is a once a week thing as it tends to gunk the tank up)
Im keeping them in a 100 gal tank, with an 11 inch gold fish (yet another fishing mis-adventure, some idiot put them in a local lake, I caught it, the law says I cant put it back so I brought the poor thing home being unable to bring myself to murder it).
They have lots of rocks/java moss and pond weeds to hide in.
Over all they seem to be happy, and are prone to antics that rival any cichlid Ive ever had when they decide its dinner time.
Also, I have the chance to donate them to a large educational display tank, but they would be kept with bass, trout, bluegill, pike and other mid-west native species. Would that be unfair to my babies to put them in there where they would have other, more violent species to compete with?
All I really know about cats is what Ive learned keeping cories and plecs (and the 3 inch long bullhead baby I got at the pet store a few months back, he lives with the cory cats for now and is in love with my female betta), and what I know about catching and eating them (its getting hard to hunt for cats, I keep thinkin "Hey, that could be Big Boy or Stonies cousin youre eating!").
So any advice?