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    Aug 2008

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    Default Fish hanging in plants

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    We have had a beta for six to eight weeks, feeding him bloodworm, and starting two days ago I had a hard time finding him. It turned out that he was "hanging" in the foliage of the plastic plants in the aquarium.

    I thought he was dead, but when I reached in to touch him, he moved. I was so relieved, as we love to watch this fish.

    He moved to a corner of the tank (30 gal.) and is hanging in the plants again. We just tested the water (good phos./no nitrates) and changed the filter, so we're fairly sure that the tank is okay. No one else is acting strangely.

    We've got red barbs, a pleco, black mollys, guppies and a vampire shrimp in there, and they all seem fine.

    Can anyone make a suggestion what might be wrong? What to do?


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    Are you feeding him only bloodworms? I am not a betta expert but I have to imagine there are more complete forms of diet for them. Also, bettas are VERY lazy fish. They oftentimes lay on their side looking sick but normally its just laziness.

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    sometimes they go in plants to sleep mine go sleep in there decor,but as drip loop says are you only feeding bloodworm if so try some hikari bio gold for bettas i think thats what its called
    angelcakes (penny)
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    angelcakes has a good suggestion if you want to try feeding your betta a variety of foods. Maybe it will perk him up. Hikari Bio Gold is the only type of betta pellets my betta will even consider eating. He's very fussy and ate only blood worms for a while until I found the Hikari pellets.

    Is the temperature of his water around 76-80F? I assume it is, since you seem to have a community tank. Bettas tend to be more active when the water is closer to 80F. Bettas do like to rest sometimes. They feel safest resting in plants.

    Are any of the other fish acting aggressively to your betta? My betta will be very still if he feels threatened and will eventually retreat to a known safe spot.

    Good luck!
    Aquarium: 2.5 gallon glass, mesh lid, Hydor mini heater, Whisper 3i filter
    Water: BettaSafe water conditioner, Nutrafin Plant Gro, 0.25 tsp/gal aquarium salt, temp 78-80F, pH 7.2, ammonia 0ppm, nitrite 0ppm, nitrate 5-20ppm
    Living creatures: Java ferns rooted on driftwood, several small trumpet snails, male veiltail betta

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    Our betta is very lazy, he sleeps in, takes naps under the heater, occasionally flirts with the female in the tank next to him .

    29 gallon-planted community

    20 long frag tank
    75 gal-planted goldfish

    75 gallon mixed reef with 20 gallon sump

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    I'm with cathy_n on this one...I think someone else in your tank is bullying your Betta. They may be doing it when the light is off and you can't see - but it's been enough to make him upset, and so he is behaving as such.

    If you had a hospital tank or another tank, you could try putting him in there and see if his behaviour changes.
    Currently: Spotted Blue-eyes, two species of Australian shrimp, Ornate Rainbowfish, Guppies, Corydoras, goldfish.

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    What Nick Said.

    Nurse by night, programmer when okay, teacher by day, Phish all the way!

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