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    OOps Thorichthys and Cryptoheros can interbreed...veeeeery interesting, and I really have to admit, I would like to have some of those fry, could be very interesting animals.

    And why killing those fish, tell me the difference between those and Parrots or Flowerhorns!!!!

    And as Hobbs already said, there is still the Oscar.

    I really would appreciate if you could tell us about the babies now and then, of course with pics


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    I would like to see how those FireVicts look like!
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    And why killing those fish, tell me the difference between those and Parrots or Flowerhorns!!!!
    There isn't a difference other then is it an untested combination. I personally would have removed the eggs, as to not have to kill fry. If they did make it to fry stage, then I guess I'd be stuck with 150-500 hybrid fry for the duration of their life. You can't sell them, give them away, so what do you do?
    You can't give them away, because what is to stop the next person from passing them off as FM or Cons. It dilutes the pure stock. I know I'd be p*ssed if the FM's I bought were really hybrids. I personally am not a fan of flowerhorns or parrots. Everyone is entitled to their opinion though.
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  4. Cool Tank Overstocked

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    Listen to whomever you would like, overstocked is the matter of space for your fish have to swim and if they get along with the other tank mates. If you have sufficient filtration then tell the others users to shove it. I have an "Overstocked" 55Gal and I have no problems and my fish are all full grown and have been happy for over 8 years. They feed out of my hand and they swim with no effort and have plenty of hiding places. I hate the Petsmart and local petstores telling me my tank size is wrong well, i have been breeding and keeping fish longer than they knew what a tropical fish was. Just enjoy and Keep Your Fish Happy.
    I would really like to see the hybrid fish if they make it. Sounds like the same problem people encounter with Blood Parrot Cichlids Because they are Hybrids themselves.
    Last edited by sirhcmarak; 11-21-2010 at 04:40 AM.

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    sirhcmarak, i will have to disagree with you in a big way there. Overstocking while it might not have any visual effects is very hard on fish, especially territorial cichlids. If they cannot stake out their own spot they live under the stress of not having a territory. How do you know your fish are "happy"? If you would like to keep your fish overstocked that is your perogative but i dont think its a good idea for anyone to come onto a forum giving bad advice. Before you go screaming that its not bad advice keep in mind that a staggering majority of fish keepers will agree that it is in fact bad advice. OP i reccomend getting a bigger tank as im sure 99% of fish keepers will. When are you going to show pictures of the mutant convict firemouth fry!

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    I couldn't agree more. I personally am a true advocate of experimenting and breaking the rules...when you can...however here I have to disagree. Having owned all of these fish, there is no way I could condone keeping an Oscar, Jack Dempsey, and a mated Firemouth/Convict pair in a 55g.

    For starters, an adult Oscar will not fit comfortably in a 55g way no if you plan on keeping the Oscar than you're going to need a larger tank.

    Secondly, a convict and a FM are fairly aggressive normally, and this aggression is only going to increase substantially as the two pair up. Having a mated pair in a 55g, with a JD and an Oscar, is only going to lead to trouble. As for a comparative analysis, I have a mated pair Texas/Convict in a 220g at the moment. The Convict is 3-4" and the Texas is 5" and they own almost half of the aquarium. The other fish in the tank are a 10" Oscar, 6" Green Terror, and 6" Flowerhorn. The Texas/Convict will back down any of these fish either as a pair or one-on-one and it's non-stop. As I watch my tank, I can only imagine the stress that would exist in a 55g under a similar circumstance. So please get a new aquarium for the fish's sake.

    As for the hybrid offspring, I personally find no problem with keeping them alive. I've had numerous pairs of fish and the Texas/Convict is my first hybrid, but I wouldn't just rid them off because they are hybrid. That's just blatant discrimination lol. Just keep them and see what happens. If they live to the point to where you need to get rid of them, then either sell them or donate them. But as someone stated earlier, it is essential that you make it known that they are hybrids.
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    Please do not post in threads 2 years old. Let's stay current. In two years times, this question has been asked and answered by now.

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