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  1. Default Panda or Bronze Cories?

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    Hello, I was wondering if I could fit either 5 bronze or panda cories into my 20 gallon tank? The current inhabitants are a Pearl Gourami, 4 Black phantom tetras(lost 4), and a bristlenose pleco. If I can, what would be a better fit, bronze or panda cories?

    My ph is 7.4 if that'll help with the decision.

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    Both would do fine in your tank so pick the one you like more Panda's also stay smaller... I recommend getting 6 at least
    My own Fish Blog
    Small Fish for Small Tanks

    'The measure of kindness is that you are kind without measure'

  3. Default

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    Hmm, I heard that panda's prefer a lower ph, is that true?

  4. Default

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    Yeah I would go with pandas, they are very cute! I have bronzes, I love them but they just don't have those cute little panda markings on them.

    One thing I hear a lot of is fish will do alright in pretty much any pH as long as it is stable, corys tend to be hardy fish so I don't think your pH will cause a problem, do you know your pH?
    20g long - 2 Male Bettas
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  5. Default

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    my ph is 7.4

  6. #6


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    Panda's are fine upto a PH of 7.6... as long as your PH is stable there is no problem
    My own Fish Blog
    Small Fish for Small Tanks

    'The measure of kindness is that you are kind without measure'

  7. Default

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    Will 6 overcrowd my tank? And will my pleco be aggressive towards them?

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    You could get 6 Panda's ... Bristlenose should be fine with them...he might give them a push aside at feeding times but nothing aggressive
    My own Fish Blog
    Small Fish for Small Tanks

    'The measure of kindness is that you are kind without measure'

  9. Default

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    Alright, I was thinking of ordering them online since none of my lfs's carry them.

    Problem is, the website I was looking at( has them at $5.00 each. Can you guys think of any websites that sell them lower, or are they very high in demand/low in supply? I'm guessing the quality of them must be pretty good, plus they've got a 7 day guarantee, so that makes me worry less.

    Does anyone have experience with

    Edit: Grrrr, Minimum order of $30.00, plus another $35.00 for shipping, I might just ask my lfs to order the fish and pick 'em up there!
    Last edited by MitchLikesFish; 07-22-2008 at 10:44 PM.

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    Asking your LFS to order them would be a good idea, but they may charge extra for the order.
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    10 gallon planted- Six Caridnal tetras,
    another 10 gallon, and newts

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