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  1. #1

    Default Should'a got Apisto's?????

    0 Not allowed!
    I'm questioning my wisdom at getting these rainbowfish after wanting them for so long before buying them. Community fish just don't give me the thrill that cichlids do and I really debated between bows and apisto's for some time.

    Doesn't matter now as I'm suck with them and will probably like them better when they grow and color up better. I have a dozen boesemani and only 3 of the 12 are showing any color but they are young. The M.rubripinnis is kinda nuts. Very active and likes to chase the others but they are also my oldest and largest (other than the fry.)

    Feedings are like a frenzy. Each meal they act as it's their last. Several of them will be given away as the guy only sold by the dozen leaving me with too many of them for my tank size.

    Still........I check out the apisto's......

  2. #2


    0 Not allowed!
    Go for it.

  3. #3


    0 Not allowed!
    Get apistos. You can have both, ya know.
    CORRECTED video of my fish. This link works. For sure. Really.

    20g long: 4 panda cories, 1 honey gourami, 1 apistogramma borellii, 1 male cacatuoides
    20g High: 3 bolivian rams, 12 rasboras
    8g hex: empty
    5g: empty

  4. #4


    0 Not allowed!
    If you feel your overstocked maybe sell 4 of each type leaving you with 8 which is still a good size school.

    50G Tank - Kyathit Danios, Zebra Danio, Swordtails, Silver Hatchetfish, Platy, Gold Barbs, Cherry Barbs, Bolivian Rams, Apisto, Zebra Loaches.
    20G 'Nano Fish' Tank - Pygmy Rasboras, Lampeyes, Sparkling Gouramis, CPD, Bronze Corydoras, Cherry Shrimp
    Wanted: More CPD's and Loaches.
    Keep updated with my fish world in my Blog! And my tanks Blog!

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    0 Not allowed!
    That would look cool. A tank with the "bows" in it and some A. Cacatuoides, or Agassizi Double red tail, or baenschi.
    20g long 84w, fluorite, planted, 5 Habrosus Corys, MTS, pair of Clown Pleco (L104)
    20gal tall: home to 10 brevis. Letting them pair off then will put the rest into the 55.
    55g empty

  6. #6


    0 Not allowed!
    In my personal opinion rainbows are good for dithers to keep cichlids comfortable. Given a choice between the two, I'd never pick rainbows (or any schooling fish) over cichlids. I've been trying to convince myself to pick up some tetras for the 38 to keep the HRP's occupied, but I can't seem to find any locally that I like well enough to spend the $$ on. Not that I'm short on cash, just can't see spending it on tetras. I'll probably break down and do it though. Endler's would be snacks, not dithers.

  7. #7


    0 Not allowed!
    Bows certainly would make good dithers. They are active and fast and not all that much different than danios as far as shape and speed. I think instead of trying to have just an all bow tank that I will use them as dithers thru-out all my tanks freeing up my planted tank some for apisto's.

    Catching them in that planted tank is another story in itself. :)

  8. Default

    0 Not allowed!
    Just don't put the bows in any breeding tanks, they will eat all your fry.

  9. #9


    0 Not allowed!
    Thank you spyder! Maybe I should put them in with my firemouths then!!!!!!!!


    I have to say it's really nice to see you posting again. You're been missed.

  10. Default

    0 Not allowed!
    Thank you for that, much has been going on in my life, and things are not slowing down either.

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