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    Technically all algae are not plants, but protists. Even kelp is not a plant, but a protist. Some algae (like bluegreen) are bacteria, which come would count as not an algae since it is not a protist. The simplest plants are mosses, ferns, etc.
    Aquarist since 1995
    Biologist and Published Author in Multiple Aquarium Magazines
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    Advanced Aquarium Concepts: Articles about many aspects of aquarium care.

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    I love this post Dave! Thanks for the knowledge.
    55g- blood parrots, SAE, bristlenose plecos

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    Another fantastic article - i love this site :)

    Saved me starting a new noob post about the algae in my cold water tank. I've already told my snail to start looking for another job...
    I thought about getting another snail but am put off by horror stories of snails overrunning tanks.

    I also think my tank is at it's max stock level, although I could move the zebra danio's into my tropical tank with the others to make some room for snails. Will the zebras take to the water temperature change after 8 months of being in cold water?

    The new tropical tank will have bristlenoses in it... if i ever find any to buy. Seems to be a shortage in my part of Scotland. Not that i would add them quite yet anyway. The tank is too young and there is no algae for them to eat!
    13 gallon - coldwater with 3 Zebra Danios, 3 White Cloud Minnows, 2 Orandas and an Apple Snail
    30 gallon - 6 Zebra Danios, 2 Bristlenose Plecs, 1 Blue Neon Dwarf Gourami, 1 Female dwarf Gourami, 10 Neon Tetra's and 5 Julii Corys

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    This is great. Thanks.

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    well in order to fight the BGA in my 55 gallon i just swapped lights put 216 watts over that tank, hope i dont kill the plants in the 75 as they are just over 1 1/4 watt now 108 watts
    The only substitute for good manners is fast reflexes.
    RIP Roscoe. We will meet again Bug.

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    Can anyone tell the light spectrum that algae mostly uses?

    For example 1 flo Blue, 1 flo (4500k cool white) ,1 flo groluks 6500k,and 1 flo 10000 K daylight.

    I especially wonder about blue light.
    120 Lt NuklearPlanted with Balistic Neons

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    They produce food via photosynthesis with green pigment, so the ideal kelvin color is about 6500K or so.
    Aquarist since 1995
    Biologist and Published Author in Multiple Aquarium Magazines
    Owner: Aquarium Maintenance Company
    Advanced Aquarium Concepts: Articles about many aspects of aquarium care.

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    Excellent article Dave. I never minded having some algae in my tanks, I just try to keep it from getting out of control. Also, for those with algae eating fish, it makes little sense to completely eliminate the algae and have to replace this naturally occurring food source with prepared foods. In my hillstream tank, I actually take steps to encourage algae growth as it is their natural food source.

    Liters to Gallons conversion calculator

    "Keeping fish for any period of time doesn't make you experienced if you're doing it wrong. What does, is acknowledging those mistakes and learning from them." ~Aeonflame
    your argument is invalid." ~Mommy1

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    This is a great article, wish i had come across this sooner. Thanks Dave

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    Thank you, oh saver of my sanity!
    20gal long planted community

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