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  1. Default companions for reticulated ray

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    Hi all,
    having found the 'ray' section i thought it a good idea to gauge peoples impressions of potential tank mates for my intended aquisition. I already have an Ornate Bichr and plec that will go into the tank. Now i know that people will warn me of the potential issue with a plec but i shall give it a go. So moving on from the unavoidable tank mates.

    Currently my train of thought is the following tank;
    1 x reticulated ray
    1 x ornate bichir
    1 x plec
    2/3 x mid tank Cichlids- Discus, sevrum or angle fish
    1/2 x BGK or mormyrid
    perhaps a cat or 2...

    I do fancy a lethargic pair or trio of medium sized Cichlids to roam the mid water of the tank but i don't want an overly messy eater that leaves lots of detritus.

    I am also considering not having the larger fish and gonig for a shoal of smaller fish.

    so errr...... Opinions/suggestions?

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    What size is the tank?

  3. Default

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    sorry, i mentioned it on another thread and forgot to put it here.

    it is 75g. I have been told that a 75g is fine for a single Reticulated (i refuse to call it a tea cup ray) but considering that the ray will predominantly occupy the bottom of the tank, the upper levels are free for others to use.

    A final note; i have been reading and am currently thinking that gradal introduction of new tank mates is key so as not to efect the biological balance to greatly. Is this correct procedure?
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    the tank would be overstocked the bichir need at leats 95 gallons they can reach up to 60 cm

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    no on the BGK, they need 300g+

  6. Default

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    hmmm. Ok. I understand where you're coming from regarding the BGK but not so with the Bichir, however i will conceed i am using regurgitated information from various sources on the net where they say 30-40cm is more likley in a home Aquaria but perhaps thats a discusion for another day...

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    i was on the net and searched for you and they said 90+ gallons

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    When I said 75 for one, I meant that is it. No other fish. Rays are super sensitive when it comes to water quality and cramming a bunch of predators and other fish in that will almost guarantee problems. It may look fine for a while but the ray will only be living, not thriving which should always be the goal.

    Ornate bichirs do get much bigger than one foot, and grow to that size in captivity when properly cared for. My cousin has one that is at least 15" if not 18" yet (which it is closing in on fast). Not to mention all the debate about what can actually safely go in with rays versus what some people have lucked out with putting in with rays.

    If you want the ray stick with just the ray. If you want other things then skip the ray.
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    fishguy hit it right on the head..... rays are soo sensitive

  10. Default

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    ok well ive now been away, having done a bit more reading...

    ...i am now adding a second external canister filter to boulster the single external filter i have due to the volume of ammonia that rays produce. From what i can gather this is one of the biggest issues with keeping rays. I am also biting the bullet and calling this my 'nursery tank' as i will now be sourcing a 60" x 30" x 30". This will have to be made for me so the 75 gal will have to do for now, however the ray is only 5/6" at the moment and the reticulated rays growth rate is relativly slow. We are only talking until the end of the year/very early 2009 so it is a matter of months. I will also most likley leave the Bichir in it's current tank until the ray is settled and i am confident there won't be an issue. I have 3 tanks at the moment (all in my room)... whats a 4th?!!

    If companions are not suitable in the current situation, i would rather a happy ray on it's own than a stressed/dead ray with others.

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