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Thread: Favorite breed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gem
    5 white hairs??? You counted them??? LOL Are you sure? Count again. Hehehe J/K
    Yep we keep an eye on it --- it is funny -- my daughter found her at the animal refuge leaque on sept. 11, 2001 -- I was a little freaked about the black thing -- but she found the hairs -- so Salem came to live with us on 911
    she is also the cat that almost killed me in 2003 -- she is an inside cat. I had just been thru having my thyroid out due to cancer and had just finished up some of my treatments -- Salem got out-- I grabbed her and she bit me -- I did clean it -- but it swelled and then the swelling went down a day later -- never thought anything about it until 2 months later when I was very very sick -- to make a long story short -- they found I had a very serious blood infection that attacked my heart -- we figured it was caused by the bacteria in the cat bite entering my blood and the fact that I was so weak from the cancer treatments and surgery and all -- my body couldn't fight back and the infection took over --- I ended up with Bacterial Endocarditus and was given a 5% chance of survival -- 2 months later I underwent open heart surgery and had 2 valves repaired. It has been 5 years and I am here to tell the story!! Thank God!! And yes I kept the cat -- but if she gets out for any reason -- I DO NOT go after here!!! I am very nervous around cats now as well.
    So there is my story!!!

    "Say what you mean and
    Mean what you say"

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    Boston Terriers are my favorite breed of dog. I have one and when I first got her (4 yrs ago next month), we lived in an apartment complex. There were 5 other bostons and we would all get our dogs together once a week in the tennis court to play together. All 6 of them are such sweet dogs. They're playful, but gentle.....they're people pleasers and they are little love bugs.
    I want another one eventually, but my husband wants a mini Dachshund. lol
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    I have two breeds of dogs I like the most: blue weimaraner(this one is 7 months old and weighs 105lbs!) and rottweilers. Currently I don't own a dog cause of the apartment but when we get our own house I am getting a weim pup! Don't care for cats unless they are outside only! I must say though I like the siamese(sp) cats! I have a cockatiel that stays at my mothers house. I like birds very much. Hoping to own a macaw one day.
    20g long 84w, fluorite, planted, 5 Habrosus Corys, MTS, pair of Clown Pleco (L104)
    20gal tall: home to 10 brevis. Letting them pair off then will put the rest into the 55.
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    It's too hard to pick... I love Greyhounds and Mastiffs. More of the calmer, large breeds. But any dog is a member of the family regardless of breed. I like cats but am allergic to them so never had one.
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    Not entirely a breed but Im a huge fan of wolf mixes, I have a 150lb German shepard/Timber wolf cross and he is the best dog I have ever owned. Close second are Pits and Bordeux Mastiffs. As for cats nothing can beat a Maine Coon I have a 13 year old Red/White Maine named Muff...shes a great cat. She doesnt reak of pee and shes content just to lay in your lap half the day...and she has never scratched anyone :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Billythefish
    My best dog breed is boxer! And i dont like cats thay stink of pee!
    and cats like the fish in the murdered my sturgeon!!!!!
    my favourite breed of dog.........stafforshire bull terrier
    angelcakes (penny)
    "The big fish eats the small one."
    -- Sephardic saying

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    I like dachshunds and persian cats.
    I have a dachshund and a mix cat ( was a stray, have no idea)

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    My heart belongs to the german shepherd.
    You can't play nice with people who don't play by the rules!

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    A Mutt.........
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    Used to love German sheapards, still do, but with 7 Shi tzus, I would have to say them

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