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5 white hairs??? You counted them??? LOL Are you sure? Count again. Hehehe J/K
Yep we keep an eye on it --- it is funny -- my daughter found her at the animal refuge leaque on sept. 11, 2001 -- I was a little freaked about the black thing -- but she found the hairs -- so Salem came to live with us on 911
she is also the cat that almost killed me in 2003 -- she is an inside cat. I had just been thru having my thyroid out due to cancer and had just finished up some of my treatments -- Salem got out-- I grabbed her and she bit me -- I did clean it -- but it swelled and then the swelling went down a day later -- never thought anything about it until 2 months later when I was very very sick -- to make a long story short -- they found I had a very serious blood infection that attacked my heart -- we figured it was caused by the bacteria in the cat bite entering my blood and the fact that I was so weak from the cancer treatments and surgery and all -- my body couldn't fight back and the infection took over --- I ended up with Bacterial Endocarditus and was given a 5% chance of survival -- 2 months later I underwent open heart surgery and had 2 valves repaired. It has been 5 years and I am here to tell the story!! Thank God!! And yes I kept the cat -- but if she gets out for any reason -- I DO NOT go after here!!! I am very nervous around cats now as well.
So there is my story!!!