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    Default How can you tell if your dog is blind? Sick dog

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    My Mom has an older Shih-Tzu, 12 or 13 years old I believe. He's stopped eating and become very inactive, and I'm talkin inactive all day just laying down. He's been showing these symptoms for a week now. $800 in vet payments later... still no confirmation on what exactly is wrong with him. Our original vet did x-rays and bloodwork, and everything came up good except for a slightly larger than normal prostate (which explains his sudden urinating problem). The hospital vet ( a more experienced vet) says it's something in his brain causing this. We had him in the hospital over night to get some iv fluid in him since he wasn't eating anymore. My mom would get him to eat but he would puke it out. So now hes on meds and not getting much better. He's a little more alert now but still just laying all day barely moving at all.

    I took him out today and he fell off the picnic table I had him on, luckily he hit the grass. This is why I'm wondering if he's blind. He becomes alert when I call him but it seems like he doesn't know where to go. Can anyone help?
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    He's pretty old for a small dog. Could be he's just getting old and doesn't have long to live. Getting skinny is a pretty sure sign of ageing.

    If he's blind, it might also affect his mood, making him eat less. It would be pretty easy to tell if he's blind. He'll be walking into stuff and won't make eye contact with you. I suggest having the vet look at his eyes, then you'll know for sure.

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    I am so sorry to hear about your mom's dog!!

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    im sorry for your mums dog but i think it may just be age 12-13 is a good age for a dog
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    Most dogs over the age of 12 lose most of their eye sight. Not all are blind but there will be loss at that age. My parents dog is a 13 yr old westie, he's pretty inactive also.
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    Here is an article that you may like to read about a form of Alzheimer's in dogs.
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    actually, shih tzu are long lived dogs. small dogs live up to 5 years longer than some big dogs.
    Yeah, I agree that dogs get inactive as they getbolder, like people do. maybe he has doggiwe rheumatism. Look for disorientation, and being startled at slight noises. Shih tsu are prone to eye and nose problems because of their squishd faces. I would moniter his behavior, and give him lots of love. Dont put j=him down unless he is in serouis terminal pain

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