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    Default My PetSmart Adventure...

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    OK, first thing's first: Pet Smart Rocks!

    So I decided to buy a second filter for my 55. I currently have a Filstar XP3 so I decided I wanted an XP2 as well. Now normally, the local "big chain" pet shops like Pet Smart and PetCo. usually have fairly high prices when it comes to Aquarium equipment and the customer service/knowledge leaves much to be desired. But TODAY was an exception....

    I had heard around here that Pet Smart does price matching, so I thought I would put them to the test because I didn't want to pay for shipping ordering online and I didn't want to wait. I found the XP2 at this one site: which is just a ridiculous deal. As you can see, about 100 bucks! At Pet Smart they sell them for about 150. So I printed the ad, went in, and they TOTALLY honored the price.... W00T! End of story all is good right?!!?! I don't think so!

    So I get everything hooked up, I'm ready to go, plug the sucker in, and...


    No water suction, no noise, NOTHING. So I crack the sucker open and see if anything is clogged and to my shock... THE THING IS MISSING THE FRIGGIN' IMPELLER!!!! I look all over the packaging, everywhere... It is gone. Man, I was so pissed. I'm swearin', yellin'! Cause I have it already hooked up and flooded with water and don't really want to dismantle the thing to return it. In fact, I remember seeing that it was the last one they had and that the box was thrashed.

    My lovely wife, ever so patiently calms me down and calls the store to explain the situation. And to my surprise they tell me I can come in with my receipt (cause the manager remembered me from the price match), and they will pull the impeller from the XP1 that they had in stock and I can take that. I don't even have to bring anything in but the receipt. Is that customer service or what? So all is good right?

    I get to the store and meet up with their manager. We crack open the box for the Xp1 and to our astonishment.... THAT ONE'S IMPELLER IS MISSING TOO! WTF! Someone is actually jacking impellers from those things. I couldn't believe it. I'm figuring, most people who buy from these big chains are beginners and aren't usually buying canisters. Plus, once you're experienced and ready to step up to a canister you probably know that you're going to get a better deal online anyway. So I could see where these have probably been missing for a while as they probably don't go through that much stock.

    So the manager calls the store in the next city. Does a stock check for the Xp2 and has their manager open the box up to ensure it has an impeller before sending me there. They let me go over there (once again with only my receipt) and pick up my impeller. And now I'm a happy boy with my filtration up and running.

    So in the end. I want to give total props to PetSmart and their management. This store is located in Covina, California and the Manager's name is Jessica. I know there are a couple SoCal people reading. Please drop by and give them your business. To me, that was bending over backwards and they earned a customer for life. I plan to contact their corporate offices and make sure that this individual is recognized for all she did for me.

    Also, I want to give props to my wife. I was about to give up and order the part from Rena. She kept a level head and without her, I wouldn't have gotten what I needed. She's wonderful that way.

    Anyway just thought I would share...
    "My call sign is digital3... But you can call me Joda!"
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    3 gal. planted nano (no Co2) - 1 spotted puffer, 3 Neon Tetras

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    lol, we need to find the impeller bandit!

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    wow 100 bucks with the price match... hrmm this gives me ideas..... not to mention the 13 or so $$ you saved on shipping... very smart buy my friend
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    are impellers for those expensive to replace????

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    Awesome!! I love Petsmart, but I don't have one really near me. The two that I have been to always have super healthy fish and staff that really know their stuff. Their prices on almost everything are way cheaper than anywhere else. I wish I had one closer, the Petco near me is okay, but they don't have the same selection of anything that Petsmart does.

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    *runs away with all the impellers*
    CORRECTED video of my fish. This link works. For sure. Really.

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    thats so cool that everything worked out in the end digital!!!!!
    *spies ed running away with a pocket full of impellers, i start to give chase* lol
    4ft cichlid community
    4ft community tank
    2ft endler guppy tank
    think i have MTS!!!!!

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    I actually work at Petsmart. That is very true, we do price matching just bring in the printed paper and we will give you the same price. We also return your money or exchange your fish if they died within 14 days of sale date. Hmmmm anyone have any other questions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by krisco
    are impellers for those expensive to replace????
    Impellers are about 25 bucks. But I think you can only get them for the Filstars directly from the manufacture website. I actually like that about these filters; every part is replaceable.

    My wife mentioned maybe it's the smaller shops trying to resell them to previous owners as replacements. Being able to replace individual parts definitely adds to the longevity of your filter. It looks like you can literally build a filter just buying all the parts separately. If anyone is curious, here's the parts RENA sells for their filters:

    "My call sign is digital3... But you can call me Joda!"
    Click Here to visit my Blog
    Click Here to see my Pics S.S.A.A.C. & S.R.S.

    55 gal. planted (Co2 Pressurized) - 1 Featherfin Syno, 2 Bolivian Rams, 2 SAEs, 3 Congo Tetras, 4 Long Fin Rosy Barbs, 6 Sunset Platys, 2 Lyre Tailed Swordtails, 3 Peppered Corys, 2 YoYo Loaches
    3 gal. planted nano (no Co2) - 1 spotted puffer, 3 Neon Tetras

  10. Default

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    The petsmart I go to is pretty good. The people that work in the fish departement aren't that smart when it comes to asking a question but I broght a Dr.Fosters and Smiths book in and they price matched me 5 different items on one ticket. I saved a TON of money that day and their customer service has always been very generous, just the knowledge of fish lacks. lol
    30 Gallon
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