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Thread: Flora base

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    Probably $8 or there abouts. If you have other things to order, then it's worth the savings.

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    Plant newbie here. I'm setting up my first planted tank It's a 20L and will have Apistogramma cacatuoides, cories and bristlenose. My tap water ph settles at 7.0 and what I've read here makes it seem like this stuff would work well for this tank. But since I freely admit that I have no idea what I'm doing LOL thought maybe you folks could give your opinion on my plan. I'm looking at Anubias, swords and watersprite or java moss for the plants.

    So, does any of this raise a red flag for using Flora Base?

    Do you think I could gravel vac this stuff with a Python or is that even needed with a planted tank?

    Thanks folks,
    Wendy :-)

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    On planted tanks, you only run the vac over the top of the soil as you do with sand. The rest that settles goes into fertilizer for the plants. But I see no reason this Flora Base would not work well for you.

    Check out your light levels for different plants tho. Swords like med to high light and anubius and watersprite are med to low light. The guides on this site are very helpful in picking out plants for your individual lights.

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    I remember reading before there was a plant soil for fish tanks that stated needing replacing. This Flora Base must have been it. I just got this from the web.

    "Substrates to Avoid"

    Red Sea FloraBase

    I almost bought this planted aquarium substrate as it was attractive and not too expensive. However, I looked up other's thoughts online and found out that although it is a great planted aquarium substrate for the first year or so, it requires replacing (it even says so on the label). Otherwise the granules, shaped similarly to ADA Aquasoil granules, will begin to lose their shape and "melt" into mush. This can be disastrous. Coupled with the fact that changing the substrate in an established tank is all but impossible without totally destroying it, this planted aquarium substrate is one to avoid unless you tear down your aquariums every year."

    I don't know if this is true or not but I know I don't want to replace substrate every year!

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    Lady Hobbs you are a gem. Thank you for helping me to avoid a complete disaster.
    Wendy :-)

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    I remember looking into this stuff as well. That is one of the reasons I didnt buy it, as well as the fact that I hate the way it looks. flourite was the best choice for me at the time, and I am still happy with it, but now I am looking into ADA.
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