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  1. Default New Tank, Plants and the fishless cycle

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    In my new tank i plan to do a fishless cycle, when would the best time to add plants to the tank, in theroy i would like to have a happy planted tank before i add the fish what would be the best way to do this (as you need the fish waste for the plants)

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    Add them right from the start. Plants will do great during the cycle. Plants will take in nitrogen in 2 forms in our tanks, one is nitrates and the other is through ammonia. With the large presence of ammonia during the cycle, your plants should actually thrive.
    Considering a Marine Aquarium? A Breakdown of the Components, Live Rock, Cycling a Marine Tank

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    Some have their tanks all planted and going good before adding any fish at all. You can do that and just use plant ferts. When you're ready to add fish, just had a few every couple of weeks.

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    You might not need to do a fishless cycle if you have a lot of plant. Live plants will not speed up a cycle, but will keep your fish from being stress by using ammonia and nitrate.

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    yeah if you're going heavily planted before your fish are put in you probably don't need to cycle as the plants should help buffer the toxin levels by using some themselves. This should keep the "spike" from being to severe and the normal levels lower.

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    Give us some specs on your set up and maybe you can get some good advice on the types of plants that would do well in your tank (and are easiest to care for).

    * How big is your tank?
    * What kind of hood/lighting do you have? (incandescent or Fluorescent bulbs and how many watts?)
    * What kind of substrate do you have or plan to have (sand, large gravel, small gravel?)
    10 gallon planted
    * 6 Cardinal Tetras
    * 3 Amano Shrimp
    * Java Ferns
    * Anubias Nana
    * Crypto Lutea
    * Cabomba
    * Java Moss

  7. Default

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    the answer to that question relys greatly on how involved you wish to get with a planted tank.Yes you can add plants while cycling.Plants differ greatly in there needs and the answers to the below questions are important to choosing what type plants you can use.
    2 substrate
    3 size tank
    4 budget
    5 type plants wanted.

  8. Default

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    its a 180 ltr (about 48 US gallons) long tank.

    (thats a picture in the advert i bought it from)

    im going for a roughly amazon biotope feel, but will probbaly use low to medium light, im thinkign java ferns, java moss and some amazon swords

    Its going to be a medium planted tank, a third will be mainly driftwood (with java ferns on them) the other 2/3rds will be more open space where i plan to use java moss as the ground cover and have some of the larger amazon swords around the back.

    the thing is i would like to get the tanks plants quite established before i put the fish in (planning on 2 angels, 8-10 corys and 8-12 tetra or hatchet fish)

    lighting wise i plan to go for 2 x 60w tubes to put me just above the low light capsity, i dont plan on using a co2 injector

    substrait will be sand, due to the types of plants i will be using (and it being only 1 type that actaully goes into the substright) i dont really see much of a point putting the fertalizing substrait in.

    i then plan to use ferts about every 2 to 3 days.

  9. Default

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    when i say ferts i mean the excell one that add carbon for the plants to use, my understanding is that as these are true underwater plants i have selected they should do well with just that.

  10. Default

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    That all sounds pretty good,the light will almost be too much for ferns but great for the swords.The 2 angels you want I dont agree with though.Your tank is almost big enough for them but not quite.

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