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  1. Default ???

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    Is this applicable to Balloon Rams too? I have a 1/2 inch balloon GBR it also has black lines on its lower fins ? ? ?

    Anyway , thanx for the info.

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    I have no experience with Balloon rams but they are the same except for the body I would more than likely think it is also applicable
    My own Fish Blog
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    'The measure of kindness is that you are kind without measure'

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    Attached is a link to my 2 fav rams I've ever had. You can clearly see differences between the male and female.


    ~ I love Sushi ~

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    Haha, alright, this is strange.

    My presumed female has the black spot with the sheen. This I noticed. She also has a relatively low 3rd dorsal spine. However, her pelvic fins have no black on them, only blue.

    My presumed male has 3 noticeable black spot things, with no sheen on any. He has a high 3rd dorsal spine, noticeably high. But his pelvic fins have the black! Lol, I'm so confused.

    They have yet to spawn and the presumed male seems to be a bit dominate over the presumed female.
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    65 watt 10000k Flourescant Light
    Live plants, driftwood, rocks.

    10 Gallon
    Not sure yet.

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    sometimes they just wont really pair together. I've had Males and Females who dont like each other.

    ~ I love Sushi ~

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    it was a great piece of info., i used it to find a mate for my male ram and today itself i have discovered that they have spawned.

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    GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!! Congrats
    My own Fish Blog
    Small Fish for Small Tanks

    'The measure of kindness is that you are kind without measure'

  8. Default

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    thanks fishalicious, but i'm confused about what should be my next step.the rams are in the community tank containing tetras and rainbows. so, should i removed them or leave the tank as it is?:confused

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    If it is there first spawn it might go wrong... like with all cichlids the first few nests rarely make it but they get better and better at it Leave them to it the first few times... once Rams start spawning they usually regularly do so. After 3-4 times you will get a good idea if their parental insticts are good and are able to keep the eggs & fry safe from the other fish in the tank. Give them a chance to do it on their own first
    My own Fish Blog
    Small Fish for Small Tanks

    'The measure of kindness is that you are kind without measure'

  10. Default

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    u were right fishalicious,all the eggs have dissapeared. thanks for answering me, i'll stick to ur advice.

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