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  1. Default Finally some pictures!! 10g tank and more.

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    I finally got a camera around the house so I took some pictures of my 10g tank. I also put in a picture of myself and my girlfriend. I have a question about the plant in the third picture, its supposed to be red but as you see its comming out a pale color, does anyone know what causes this? I also have these longs green stringy things in the aquarium is that hair algae? It goes from plant to plant and some are up to 4 inches long.

    I will post some pictures of my house and other tanks when I get around to it.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Nice pics Adam. The plants that are red generally need a higher light to bring out their colors. Yours are also new plants and probably need to take root before you see the new growth starting.

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    Nice start!
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  4. Default

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    Nice pics. I am sure that tnk will look great when the plants have grown into their places.
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    Nice pics and what a handsome couple ...

    Red plants are notorious for needing high light and CO2 to show their red colors
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    Nice pics!
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  7. Default

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    Well I have bright lights and CO2, so im not sure whats causeing it, all of the new leaves that have grown on the red temple are a bright red but the Myriophyllum tuberculatum it a pale color. Im amazed by how quickly plants grow, I can see changes every day. I took out another 5 snails out of the tank again!! when will this stop lol.

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    Nice pics. Can't wait to see it when it's grown out.
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    Wait for the plants to take root before they stat showing really good growth. Otherwise, lookin really good!
    And your girlfriend is a cutie!
    CORRECTED video of my fish. This link works. For sure. Really.

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    Very nice pics and i have to tell you if the hair algae is green.... it is not hairy algae... I have a horrible problem with the bugger it never goes away! and tends to cling onto my floating plants and thank god not onto my java fern :D

    So the hair algae looks like small little hair particles growing outwards from your plants leaves. I could get a pic up but i brought a plant to the lfs and they said yup you got hair algae and it is really hard to get off once it has sitting on the plant for a while... Its like freaking super glue i am constantly rubbing my plants and getting it off but i am starting to think to just get rid of all my floating plants...
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