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  1. Default About Seachem Prime

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    From the search function of this forum, I've read a lot of good stuff about it, not which of least is the price. But because I read so many threads, I'm not sure if I should use it on my cycling tanks (or if because of the way it detoxifies, maybe it's best to do so on these starting tanks?) because it may disrupt the cycle. For instance, I know I saw one post mention that it only changes ammonia (to ammonium? something like that), where it did not harm the fish as much, but could still be used for the BB to eat. If so, does the same hold true for nitrite?

    Because then I remember reading elsewhere that someone was saying that because it neutralizes the harmful chemicals, so it doesn't let your BB colonies grow whilst a tank is cycling (i.e. better to use once a tank is cycled). I have one tank that's been high in ammonia, and one in nitrites as they cycle (though I do try to do daily WCs; after reading something, I do know I need to increase from 40% to maybe 80% though as well), so if I can help ease this process for my fish, I wish to do so!

    ((best lesson to realize fishless is best is to start with fish, I suppose. really wish I'd checked the hardware store for some ammonia before all this started sometimes))

  2. Default

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    I've used Prime on all my tanks when they first cycled. The ammonium gets turned into nitrites, which in turn get turned into nitrates.

  3. Default

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    Prime will turn ammonia into ammonium (basically, it removes a hydrogen atom). The thing the bacteria REALLY want to feed off of is the nitrogen in the ammonia/ammonium. The hydrogen atom just makes it easier/harder for the bacteria to reach (think boulders in a path). So, it won't matter so very much if you have ammonium or ammonia for the bacteria to feed on--some species will prefer one or the other, but I'd wager you'll still have enough of both types of bacteria to get the cycling done.

    What you should worry about is the level of ammonia and the effect on your fish. The Prime will make life much easier for you and the fish--you won't always have to be worrying if your fish are dying, and the fish will be able to accommodate the cycling process with a better, healthier outcome. I strongly recommend using the Prime. At worst, it will lengthen the cycle...but if your fish are alive and healthy, that doesn't really matter, does it?

    Best of luck.

  4. Default

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    Regarding your comment about the cost, the suggested dose of Prime is far less than other tap water conditioners i have used, so you should get more use from the bottle. All of seachems products seem to give you dosing information for 50 or 100g tanks. Kind of hard for us 10g-ers to imagine that 1ml or less is really doing anything to the tank but i guess it does.

  5. Default

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    Excellent, i will definitely be using Prime for my cycling tanks, and use up the rest of my other conditioner only on the tanks that have all ready cycled to get rid of it. Sorry i worded it funny fishn00b, I was saying that the cost is another reason to make it worth it because you're right, it's a mUCH beter value than other stuff out there :D

    Another question though, I think i read somewhere else on this forum that one drop per gallon would be OK with those of us with smaller tanks (I have several 2.s, for instance). Would that be enough do you think? Has anyone created a formula based on mLs for maybe syringe dosing?

  6. Default

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    I used to use 5g buckets to refill my tanks. Working at a hospital I have access to 1ml syringes. 1ml of prime will treat 10 gallons of water. So every 0.1ml treats 1 gallon.
    "What da ya mean there's to many fish in the tank? Look at this can, there's eight fish in it plus some mustard sauce"!

  7. Default

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    i work ata fish farm and we use this stuff all the time i really rate it so much i use it on my own tanks
    3 tanks a 200 ltr 4 head and tail lights,10 assorted platys, 3 black swordtails, tuxedo swordtail, mystus catfish a raphael catfish,pictus,sunset catfish 2 clown loaches 1 xclown plec,gibbicep,2 Congo tetras,2 albino algae eaters,1 panda corydoras,1 Pakistani loach,3 cory,s a peppered a albino sterbae and a agazzizi,1 skunk botia,2bumbble bee gobies and 2 silver angel 1 zebra angel,3 red banded rainbows,2 cockatoo dwarf chiclids,3 diamond tetras

  8. #8


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    There's a whole lot of dechlorinators that detoxify if you read the labels on all of them. Just use it as you would any other dechlorinator. You need nothing special for cycling.

  9. Default

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    I've just bought Prime, and it's a 500ml bottle. I use 10 litre buckets to do my water changes. So, I add conditioner to each bucket. I've found the instructions online, taken from a small (dropper bottle) bottle of Prime. It says 2 drops per US gallon (or approx 4 litres).

    I'm just going to re-use my dropper bottle of my previous conditioner and refill it with the Prime.
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    tank 2 - betta, neon tetras, khuli loaches, & Bob the Bristlenose

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    Pretty sure a "drop" is not a standard measure and it depends on the size of the hole in the bottle. If you use the bottle from a different conditioner the drops won't necessarily be the same size.

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