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  1. Default Is this typical cory behavior???

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    The corydora trilineatus or three-lined cory. The other day I brought home four of these. Two died within one day, and the other two made it. I don't know why the other two died because they looked healthy. I saw my tetras poking at them when they were new, but wouldn't it be pretty hard for a tetra to kill a cory? Besides, the tetras have completely lost interest in the remaining two.

    Anyway, here's my question:
    -Of the two corys that are left, one NEVER comes out. Ever. Most of the time I can't even find it, but if I'm looking really really good, sometimes I can find it. I haven't seen it eat yet, either. From what I can see, it appears healthy. One time I tried to coax it out from behind the plant in the corner and it totally freaked out! It swam so fast and sporadically all over the tank that I was afraid it was going to run in to something! I haven't tried that again.

    Is it normal for one cory to be so incredibly shy and frightened while the other one is incredibly outgoing and swimming around in the open happily? Why are they so different? They're not getting picked on anymore.

    45 gallon
    ammonia 0
    nitrite 0
    nitrate 20
    pH 7.0
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    I just got my two coreys last week. Really like them and will be getting more. I kept the light off for several hours when I first introduced them to the tank but they are out in the open now and swimming around. I was surprised to see that. I thought they'd stay at the bottom like the loaches.
    I like to get some panda's now.

  3. Default

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    I kept the light off for a while, too. I also moved around a few of the decorations. I keep hearing about the cory personality, but I haven't really seen that. I'll give them some time, I guess. There's really not much else I can do at the moment.
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  4. Default

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    Give it some albino was outgoing from the start, but my lasers took forever to start coming out. My bronze has always been somewhere in the middle, and still is.
    I am surprised at the loss of 2 cory though, I have found my cories to be quite hardy. Hopefully it was bad stock and the others will be fine.

  5. #5


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    Had four originally, two passed away over the time, so recently added four new ones. All doing fine, only time the buggers run away is when "the idiot with that flashy thing" comes near

  6. Default

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    I discovered the body today. Apparently, he just passed away in his favorite hiding spot. So yeah, that makes three dead in a matter of a couple of a days. That last one is doing wonderfully, though. I'm going to get him some friends (hopefully these will be healthier) in a couple of weeks because he looks so lonely. He's made friends with one of my gouramis as they play with the sinking wafer together, but he might appreciate a few buddies of his own. :(
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  7. Default

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    Cories definitely appreciate buddies....good luck with your next purchases.

  8. #8


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    I always thought my two were relatively happy, sometimes together, frequently apart, now I have added the four new ones, the 'mums' ( no idea of the sex ... ) are more than happy escorting them around showing them the best feeding grounds etc etc

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