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    You may use mine William.

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    Thanks to all.
    Do as I say. Not as I do.

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    You are welcome to use any of mine.

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    Please, feel free to use any of my photos... I'll feel important!!!

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    I'll be honoured if you use mine
    It is better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven

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    Feel free to use any from either my gallery here or from:

  7. Default all yours

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    If there are any you like, they are free game. No need to credit them.
    55 g : 2 red blood parrots
    2 Jellybean Parrots (the undyed dwarf kind)
    2 Firemouth Cichlids
    2 Black Convicts
    2 Spotted Pin Cats
    5 Tiger Barbs

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    Don't post too many great pictures, but I am hoping to get the hang of this soon. In the meantime, if you want to use any of mine, feel free with no need to credit me. And you can use any in my photobucket as well. The link is:

    Not many there yet, but will add more as I get better at camara settings.

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    Jun 2008
    Across the great pond from the state of Seattle

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    Don't have any posted but when I do feel free to go for it.... Just a small byline and a reduction in my monthly dues to visit this site...
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    William S. Burt

    All words in this post are completly fictional, any resemblence to actual words is strictly a cowinky dink. No Animals were harmed in the making of this post. Now as far as Humans go there were probably a few hurt and maybe even killed. Please do not copy and paste this post with out the expressed written consent of the owner. Quoting is allowed but only too boost the owners already over inflated ego.

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    Sure you can use any that you like! just use my username as credit. :)

    i My FiSHieS
    "May the holes in your net be no larger than the fish in it"
    55g FW Planted Community

    Gerbils: Samsonite, Latte, Jasper, Pixel, Spice, Macchiato, Barceló, Kuhlua
    Maine Coon Mix: Camo
    Blue Heeler Cattledog: Arro

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