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    I dont have much but you can use mine, and you can just use my username for the credit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by William
    post below saying that you are okay with me using your pictures that you posted in your AC photo gallery or/and in the forum.

    I would also appreciate if you let me know how you prefer to be credited.

    If you have a photobucket gallery and would like to allow me to use pictures from that as well I welcome you to post the url to your photobucket gallery as well.
    Feel free to use anything I have, I'll be loading more in the near future.
    No credit necessary.
    150 Gallon Community
    Filter=Sealife Systems 175 wet/dry (no prefilter)
    Lighting=2 Coralife 36" T5s~0.56 WPG
    41 dye free fishies
    38G cycling
    10 G nursery (14 mollies @ work).

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    U may definatley use any of my pictures, I would be honoured! I'm a pretty terrible photographer but if u find sumthing u like from me, then by all means AC can definately use it!

    A simple strip of my username would be nice for credit, but its not a must :)

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    Knock yourself out. I'll get the URL for my photobucket soon.
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    your welcome to mine, all 5 or 6 of them
    As I get older I find myself thinking about the hereafter - I go into a room and then wonder what I'm here after.

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    Im in, help yourself

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    If you find any pics that I have posted that you want to use and find acceptable, by all means, feel free to use them.

    Aye Aye

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    William, any photos of mine you are interested in are welcome to be used. If you do use them just credit them to my user name. My photobucket url for my aquarium photos is .
    20g long 84w, fluorite, planted, 5 Habrosus Corys, MTS, pair of Clown Pleco (L104)
    20gal tall: home to 10 brevis. Letting them pair off then will put the rest into the 55.
    55g empty

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    You can definitely use my pictures, if they're worthy of course...
    "My call sign is digital3... But you can call me Joda!"
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    Holla William

    You are free to use my pics.
    If you use them, plese credit them with my real name.

    And if you need my name or the bigger original just pm or mail me.


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