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    0 Not allowed!
    If you ever want to use my cruddy pics, then I really feel sorry for you - but you are more than welcome to them!
    All forms of humor have been removed from my signature for your safety.

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    0 Not allowed!
    If I have anything you need...let me know.
    Gar connaisseur

    Predatory Tank:
    20" Tropical Gar, 18" Florida Gar, 20" Longnose Gar,
    17" Ornate Bichir, 25" Silver Arowana, 16" Bowfin, 15" Giant Gourami

    16" Male Dovii

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    0 Not allowed!
    You can use anything we post

    29 gallon-planted community

    20 long frag tank
    75 gal-planted goldfish

    75 gallon mixed reef with 20 gallon sump

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    0 Not allowed!
    Feel free to use any of my photos. Please credit me if possible.
    75G Coldwater Setup (May 2011)
    Angelfish Fry Development Project

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    0 Not allowed!
    Quote Originally Posted by aquatic lover
    You can use any of my pictures William! I have some pics in the photo gallery and some in the threads I have posted.
    Adding my user name to a post if you use some of my pics in that post would be apreciated. : )
    crab freak!

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    Join Date
    Jan 2009
    Fontana, California

    Awards Showcase

    your first fish - Lady Hobbs A gift to my mates. - mac Did you say tankards?  LOL - sandy_n To your first almost cycled tank - Lady Hobbs No Message - korith 
    For your funny posts. Every thread I giggle - Gemini For making me laugh!!! - Sharon Cheers Mith - slimey Congrats on your cycled almost tank - Lady Hobbs stocking - Lady Hobbs 
    stocking - Lady Hobbs stocking - Lady Hobbs stocking - Lady Hobbs stocking - Lady Hobbs stocking - Lady Hobbs 
    stocking - Lady Hobbs stocking - Lady Hobbs stocking - Lady Hobbs fill out the colony - Algenco WC kitumba - Algenco 


    0 Not allowed!
    Well they can not use mine. If they do I immediately acquire a lawyer of the highest quality and I will take them to court and sue them for a billion dollars!

    PS....I give them peremission to use the tank photo I submitted for TOTM because winning that competition will make me better than anyone and God still likes me better than anyone wnhos ever lived on earth.....with the possible ewxception of Lady Hobbs!

    You have been warned so be afraid!
    Yup, I got fish!

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    Jan 2009
    NJ/PA, USA

    Awards Showcase

    For your AC Tank! - Northernguy Merry Christmas - Northernguy Happy Birthday!!! - Jill For your love of the pleco. - R2 Ranch I agree with many things you say on many topics, so hee is a gift  that - james20 
    Sorry about your rat. - cer for giving a sick rat a great life - frank_zappa so sorry about JR. - gabbyguppy This one is best! - Agassizii thanks for the motm nomination! - Lab_Rat 
    To another Scotty fan,thx for chatting. - smaug Congrats on your awards. - Brookfish Sorry about Blaze - Rue thank you very much. - smaug 1 year at AC! - Northernguy 
    Thanks for all the help lately i really appreciate it. - octoxpuss cause  your  good - bushwhacker For the Camden Aquarium tour! - Rue Happy Easter! - Northernguy 
    Aphasia - Asthma/Allergies - Brain Cancer - Brain Tumors - Diabetes - Mental Illness - annageckos Alzheimer's - Crohn's & Colitis - Cystic Fibrosis - Domestic Violence - Fibromyalgia - Leimyosarcoma - Lupus - annageckos Bone Marrow Donation - Childhood Depression - Depression - Environment - Eye Injury Prevention - Glaucoma - Kidney Cancer - Kidney Disease - Kidney Transplantation - Leukemia - Lyme Disease - Mental Retardation - Missing Children - Organ Donation - T - annageckos 


    0 Not allowed!
    Use mine if there is any you need, no problem. Credit my screen name is all.
    55 planted Community
    30 planted

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    0 Not allowed!
    You may use any of my pictures:)
    "Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds." -Albert Einstein

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    0 Not allowed!
    I can't imagine mine being of any use for an article, but if you can, please do - I'd be flattered and tell my mommy if you used any of mine!
    20gal long planted community

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    0 Not allowed!
    Noticed we don't have a pic for the blue velvet damsel. You are free to use this one.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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