I just wanted to let everyone know that you can embed Youtube and google videos in forum posts here at AC. This allows members to view the video directly on our site instead of having to go to youtube.

To embed such as this one into the forum you simply use the youtube tag and write yt in brackets []. than you write the number after the = in the youtube url. In this case 1p0626dye8w and then you write /yt in brackets.

It should then look like this ["yt]1p0626dye8w["/yt] (without the " signs that I wrote to make sure that the forum displays the coden.

If you use this code the result is this:

I personally think this is much better than having to go to youtube to watch the video and I would urge people to use this function when they post youtube videos.

If you want to post google videos you do it in the same way but use the tag gv instead on yt