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  1. Default Tetra's not shoaling

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    I have 13 Neons in my 20gallon and they're not shoaling. They all seem to be goin in different directions at different levels of the tank, not swimming synchronized. Why aren't they shoaling? Should I add more? Are they not happy in my tank?

    As you can sort of see here:

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  2. Default

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    Mine do that too so sorry but I can't really answer you.... I was going to put up a thread but you beat me to it:)
    "Animals are such agreeable friends, they ask no questions, they pass no criticism."
    ~George Eliot

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    it is not uncommon for tetras to not school all the time i have a fairly big batch of neons and will find them in a array of groupings, 2 on thier own, or 2 groups of 10 or all sperated etc, as you are aware there are many combinations of numbers you could get out of 20,
    i would worry to much about it, they will school when they want
    i have my glo light tetra and white clouds that also school with the neons,

    hope this helps
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    You should be happy... it is a sign that they feel comfortable and happy so there is no need to school up together

    You will notice that when you are doing stuff in the tank or bang against it accidently or right after lights on that they will go back to it for a short time
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    when i had my neons - i think i had bout 15, they never swam around in a school either. i think its because they know they are safe in their environment so the schooling instinct doesnt kick in as much. im pretty sure i read somewhere if you get a picture of a fish that preys on them in the wild and put it against the glass, the neons would then form a school, because they feel threatened. i could be wrong though so your best of waiting for someone more knowledgable to answer your question.
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    Nothing wrong at all. Like others said they feel comfortable in your tank. I've also heard about putting a picture of a fish that usually eats the neons next to the glass. If you want a picture of such a fish, google wolf tetra, and print a picture off of one of them that seems life-sized. Googling wolf fish will get better results.

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  7. Default

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    I know someone had this same thing happen awhile back. As said above they feel comfortable so they don't need to school. However if you would like to see them school search google images for a "Wolf Fish" and put the image near the tank. Don't do that too much though or you might stress them a bit.

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    Neon's are social fish and in my opinion, more social than big skoalers. They will be all over the tank, in a group but never this line going back and forth like you see black skirts doing.

  9. Default

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    Ok, that's good to know!
    "Animals are such agreeable friends, they ask no questions, they pass no criticism."
    ~George Eliot

  10. Default

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fishalicious
    You should be happy... it is a sign that they feel comfortable and happy so there is no need to school up together

    You will notice that when you are doing stuff in the tank or bang against it accidently or right after lights on that they will go back to it for a short time
    I was not to sure but fishalcious this was my first thought because when i got my gold white clouds they schooled for a couple days and then began to disperse into the tank nd use the whole tank! I Love it and your right if your frighten them they go straight to the top and school in the stream :D

    Good luck, your fishies are happy!!!
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