I as a global mod and AC staff have become fed up with rude things being put on in our fourum. We will give only one warning (unless William lets ya off the hook) and only one warning! This not only creates problems for the AC staff but offends nice rule following people who want a safe enviroment to talk about fish and they leave us because of rude not following rules people! This as I have said will not be tolerated and you will be banned (unless otherwise form William) without any argument, please understand we just want to have fun and we want you to have fun but we dont want to have unwanted materials in our forum, the rules that are implying to this are

Try to keep cussing low and try not to cuss at all
DO NOT post any adult propreit material
And of course do not bother people or go after them offending them

Thank you for listeing,
AC Staff and DemonShark