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Thread: another sad day

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    Feb 2008
    brockton ma usa

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    Cool another sad day

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    Yesterday during the day I noted that one of my angels was acting a bit strang. This is after seeming normal when fed in the AM. This AM he/she was a goner. I checked all the paramiters and everything seems normal, my PH runs a bit low (6.0/6.4) but this is normal for my tanks being a function of my tap water and has never caused any isues. The tank in question is a 30 gal hex with two angels and about 15 neon tetras, the other angel seems fine other than seeming confused if thats posable.

    I don't think the tank itself is at issue I believe the fish had some other problem that would take it down so fast with no aparent cause. So assuming this to be the case how can I inroduce a new tank mate for the remaining angel? The survivor is about a year old and is pritty good size. I do not know the sex because the pair got along but did not mate. I do have a second 30gal tank with a mated pair I would prefer to leave them alone.

    I was hoping to end up with two mated pair but now I would just like to give the survivor a companion. Any thoughts.

    Thanks in advance


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    Jan 2008

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    Sorry to hear about the loss.. You can always move around the tank a little to break up territories and then go ahead and introduce the new angel.
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    So sorry for your loss <hugs> Not a good day for Angels on the forum today after Mitcore's message...

    Introducing a new angel is always going to be touch and go now... any new angel is going to get a rough time from the exsisting Angel - the older Angel will need to show who's boss in the tank... hopefully that will pass quickly... due to that though I would get an angel of equal size and not a young one.
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    Feb 2008
    brockton ma usa

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    Cool good point thanks

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    I hadn't considered changing the tank around, that could help give a new intro a chance to aclimate. With a hex there is not much to move but changing the hiding places should do it. The next trick is to find an angel of the right size. This will not be solved with a trip to petco, even what they call jumbo are very juvinile.


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