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    Quote Originally Posted by Tigerbarb
    Wow! Where did you get your man-made live rock? I was wanting some, because It seems that live rock harvest might affect the ocean.

    I got mine at the lfs I go to almost every day. Apparently, typical live reef rock is actually taken from a reef. This stuff is man made, so it doesn't destroy a reef. I thought win-win!
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    yeah, its best to get man made.

    all 200lbs of my LR is real, none is man-made or base, but the guy i get it from assured me that its taken from the ocean in ration

    BTW, awesome start!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tigerbarb
    Wow! Where did you get your man-made live rock? I was wanting some, because It seems that live rock harvest might affect the ocean.
    Ocean floor can be rented by the acre in Florida, old dead coral placed there and harvested 6 months or a years later.

    Great Source

    read this
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    That should be a great tank Civic congrats and keep up the good work...
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