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    Unhappy Neons keep dying

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    I bought 5 neons from the local walmart and one died. So I went back to a different walmart and bought one to add back to the four and it is now dying in a cup in my kitchen. I took it out of the tank a few mins ago. I added them to a tank with 2 ghost shrimp, 2 African dwarf frogs, an algea eater and a guppie. My other two guppies died recently as well. I did do a water test of ph, nitrate, nitrite, and ammonia and they all came out within the correct limits according to what the internet says for these types of fish. So can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong with these guys? My daughter just came in the room and told me a website says they need dim light? I use two regular lightbulbs in the top of my aquarium lid not flourescent.
    Anyway thanks in advance,

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    Well your 1st mistake is buying fish from Walmart. I suggest bringing a little water with you to the local fish store and ask them to test it for you. Just to make sure that there is nothing wrong with your testing procedure or results. Have you notice any irregular behavior of the fish? Did the guppies die after you introduced them to the tetras or before. After you get the test results list all the ammounts here a well as the tank temperature. But most important.....Don't buy fish from Walmart!

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    If it turns out that your water was ok, then it sounds like you had some diseased fish. Next time you buy fish (not at walmart) check the tanks for signs of disease. Don't buy any fish from a tank that has dead fish in it, or if any of the fish look sick (like white spots, sores, filmy stuff on the body, or if they're swimming weakly or like they're drunk).
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    Neons do not need dim light and the ammonia, nitrite and nitrates are the same for all species, not certain species. Try to always maintain a 0 reading on both ammonia and nitrites.

    There is such a thing as neon tetra's disease. It can take a whole lot of neons in a short time.

    I've also purchased from WalMarts but always quaranteened them in a separate tank for a couple weeks. Their fish are never in very good shape.

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    How long has tank been set up and are you doing weekly maintenance? This includes water changes. Stable conditions is what's needed. Ok, now for some reality. Some fish just may not survive the water conditions of your tank. If you have healthy stable conditions, then you just have to keep fish that like the conditions of your tank. If you are able to keep other types of fish healthy, then you are doing things right.

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    [QUOTE=NorthernBoy]Well your 1st mistake is buying fish from Walmart.

    I 100% agree Walmart is the worst place to buy fish. I went to Petco once and they have a tank full of mollies, Half were dead and the rest had ick.

    I buy my fish from a local tropical fish store, privately owned and been in bussiness 38 years. the owner is allways at the store and is very well educated in fish. Store is called Tropical Fish By Showcase Aquarium.

    Now that being said I also have the same problem in my 20 gallon tank. Nitrate is great(I did a test and the store did multipule test on my water). I have a large Sword Plant, 1 Water Purslane, 2 white Algee frogs and 2 Green Frogs. I had first bought 5 Small tetras about a month ago(look like Neons, forget name) and all but 2 died. Last Sunday I bought 5 neon Tetras and only 2 left. HELP HELP.

    The Frogs in the tank are doing great and the 4 Small angel fish in my 10 gallon also doing great for about a month. I have a 30 gallon Tank I just bought and only have plants in it at this time.

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    I've never been able to keep a Neon alive. I've been through dozens. It's the only fish that I consistently kill, even with the water being perfect.

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    Neons must love my water then because the only time I couldn't keep one alive was when my daughter had the killer goldfish!

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    The water in my tank is basically liquid rock. I have no problem with neons. Most of the fish you buy are generally local raised. They are use to the water in area. If fish at store are not local raised, they may be coming from water conditions way different from your tank water. If that's the case, the fish most likely won't survive long.

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    I'm down to 3 neons. Lost 3 in about 8 months so not a big kill off. Will get about 2 dz next time. The more there are, the better they look in the tank.

    I do like the Jumbo neons.

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