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  1. Default Lepidarchus adonis

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    Does anyone here have or had the above?

    It's commonly called the Adonis Tetra and sometimes Jellybean Tetra (which I'm thinking is erroneous as that's the common name of Ladigesia roloffi). I'm being told by my LFS they've never seen this species on a buy list. :(

    I was wondering if that's just in the midwest US or everywhere. What about my compatriots in this hobby across the Pond and down in OZ? Are these fish rare everywhere or just here?


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    hello pickles,ive not seen these fish but heres a link about them

    and ive not seen then or heard of them in uk
    angelcakes (penny)
    "The big fish eats the small one."
    -- Sephardic saying

    chat link

  3. Default

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    Thanks, Angel. I know all about them and are seeking them out for my 29 US gal West African Riverine Biotope.

    Dang that you guys have never heard of them either.

    I want them because well... A 29g is a pretty small tank but it's all I have the room for right now.

    I could go with Red-eyed Tetras or Congo Tetras but both get so BIG and there just wouldn't be the room in a 29g. The Adonis only get like 1.5" big.

    Wouldn't you know I'd pick something that can't be gotten? I hope I can find them because I don't want to have to rethink my biotope. They would be my schooling fish with a pair of Pelvicachromis as the "stars" of the tank and three Synodontis nigrventris swimming about the top.

    Thanks for your help!

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    dont know if this will help but if you want congo tetras,my friend has three in her tank and there happy in the space shes got which is possibly a little bit bigger than you have,but not much more,
    angelcakes (penny)
    "The big fish eats the small one."
    -- Sephardic saying

    chat link

  5. Default

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    Three you say? Happy? Oh, my... You may be on to something. (Love the clapping hands!)

    Anyone else have info on just three tetras - Red-Eyed and/or Congos - together?

  6. Default

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    P.S. I really like the looks of the Congo Tetras... And was my first choice until I found out MONGO big they get...

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    my friends are no more than 2" long and they have been that size for a while,
    angelcakes (penny)
    "The big fish eats the small one."
    -- Sephardic saying

    chat link

  8. Default

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    Kiss the Lepidarchus adonis goodbye. I just heard back from an authority in West African fish/biotopes and according to him the Adonis are more suited to a species tank as they "are small and fragile."


    He's given me the Latin names of some fish and not being fimilar with with them I'm off to chekc them out.


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