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    Default RIP Hucklebuck, Welcome Hoghug!

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    Well, after weeks of working non-stop on my Discus tank, everything was good to go! pH was down, no ammonia, no Nitrates, and 10ppm Nitrites! Worked my but off to get the tank ready! So we take a trip to our lfs where they have some amazing Discus, and turns out they have them all in quarintine! They got "Discus plague". The lfs (thankfully) stopped selling them to customers while they medicated the fish. All the Discus tanks are now greenish due to the medication. I'm really glad they were caring enough to not still push them on customers, but to actually stop selling them and go through a medication program!

    Anyway, Cara suprised me with a new Teacup Ray! She knew how upset I was when Hucklebuck died, so she decided to get me a new friend Now that I"m 100% sure that the tank was ready, we started drip acclimating him to the tank last night. I added a capful of stresscoat to the bag, and followed Dave's drip instructions to the T. I let him acclimate for about 2 hours before sticking him in the tank. As soon as he went in, the lights went off. I turned the airpump on a couple hours before adding as well, to try to jack the O2 up in the tank.

    I checked on him this morning before work, and he seemed good to go! I was stressin all night last night But he is good! I'll get some pictures up soon!
    The former ZCciVic22!

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    Congratulations!!!!! Can't wait to see Hoghug!!!!!

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    Will you be adding discus as tank mates with the ray eventually or will you be adding other stock? Since I saw pictures of Hucklebuck, I'm curious to learn more about this fish and what tank mates would suit it. I'm kicking the idea of a discus tank around and thought a ray could be an interesting companion, but I also understand the tea cup is pretty demanding to take care of.

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