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in this primer you said CPD's do not tolerate tropical temperatures. i am confused, my 10g is set to 74 and though i only have one (he schools with my glowlights) he seems to be doing very well. what is the ideal temp for the little guy? i am planning on getting more and possibly breeding them (in my 3g). so if you could possibly pm me and let me know anything about breeding these guys, i would be thankful. also could i keep cherry shrimp in the breeding tank? or would the shrimp eat the fry?
I said they said they are ideal for the 75-degree tank. They don't do well in the high 70's and low 80's of most tropical tanks. They do best between 72 and 75, thus your tank is pretty much perfect for him, temperature-wise.
If you ever get into well-planted tanks, a 20 gallon would be a pretty sight with 24-36 CPD's and 12 Danio choprai.