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    Default Not Schooling :(

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    I have 7 Glowlight Tetras and today I noticed they weren't schooling, they were schooling fine yesterday but today they are all in different places and they aren't in a noticibal group. Will they start schooling again or are they going to go off by themslves like they are now? I plan to up the quantity to 12 next weekend - will this encourage them to school?

    Thanx, Answers appreciated =)


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    i know some people printed out pics of some scary wolf fish or whatever it was and put it against the glass and it got their fish to school.
    guess maybe they're just super comfortable in the tank and dont think safety is an issue :/

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    They might break in that tank... you got the anglefish in there which are cichlid and are gonna dominate at some point, and the cute like 2 inch bala shark will be 18 inches someday........ I'd get him a bigger tank or trade him in to the petstore...... I think the angels might dominate the tank and cause the break....
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    As soon as most tetra's are settled and feel secure they have no reason to school... they school to feel safe so on the one hand it is a good thing they are not.. means they are happy

    The only time you will see them school now is when you are working on the tank or they get a fright... adding a larger fish can sometimes work but usually only for a limited time as the tetra's realize they are not in danger after a while.
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  5. Default

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    A considerably larger school encourages them to stay together more, however, I'm speaking of keeping several dozen at the very least. They stay together and forage together. In your 42 you could keep two dozen glowlights no problem, and they'd be more likely to stay together more. You will have to return the angels, though, as when they grow up, not only will the tank size be too small for six, but they'd start snacking on your glowlights. You've already been advised on the bala, though, as you'd need a quite large tank to keep one long term, and since they, too are schooling fish, the tank would have to be truly large.

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  6. Default

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    I don't have glow lights, but my neons don't school any more either. Even when working on the tank they don't get spooked any more.

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    Yeah, my neons don't go around in a school that often now. The only ones that are in a really tight school since I got them are my rummy nose tetras. They go everywhere together.


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    Default Tetra schools

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    From what I had heard, you need at least 10 neons, cardinals or glowlights, to effectively school. The more, the better. However, some tanks just can't support that. I once had a 55 gallon with over 50 cardinals and it was a sight to see. I agree with the angels too, they will need room, and 6 is a bit much for that tank. 1 angel per ten gallons of water. They do get big, and they will eat anything that they can fit in their mouths. I have angels with my cardinals, but they are all growing up together. A 2 inch cardinal is a bit much to hopefully they will all survive.



  9. Default

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    I have 8-10 of them at the moment,they only school when there is a disturbance in the tank such as me trimming or the such.

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