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    Thanks dave for this list.

    I will have to start looking for some of these books.

    Be a responsible fish keeper! Study before buying!
    Never give in to impulse buying of Aquatic Fish.

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    Thanks for the list Dave, gonna have to check a few of these out.

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    A small bump


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    Bumping this great list of books Dave took a lot of time to compile.

    For new members, this is a great selection to choose from. For those of you who don't know Dave, he's a fish genius and knows more about fish than anyone I've ever talked to, so these recommendations are golden.

    Quote Originally Posted by i_am_511
    Lighten up its just the internet its not like someone came in your house and punched a baby in the face.

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    Quote Originally Posted by i_am_511
    Lighten up its just the internet its not like someone came in your house and punched a baby in the face.

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    Yes agree making this a sticky would be good.

    Nice useful post thanks.
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    1 Rummy Red Nose (3rd March 2011)

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    Hey nice thread I will definately be tracking down a few of these!

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    Nice list of books Dave. Also agree with the sticky. And thanks to MrRobarto for bumping this up to my attention. Going to shortly

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    Wow, this is a great list of books. Definitely going to be searching for these!

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    Thanks you really did a great job !

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