My g/f's step dad has a 30-35g tank with 3 or 4 goldfish and 2 others of a different kind. I notced his goldfish aren't lookin really gold. They look awful, more like silver fish with spots of orange on em. One goldfish has a black patch covering most of the top of him and his head. His tank looks awful. The walls look like they never been scrubbed. Ibelieve hes running a aquaclear 200 if I remmebr correctly. But the media looks disgusting. I remmebr he had a Betta in their awhile back and it died in 3 days. He doesn't test the water for anything. Maybe does a water change once a month and feeds em twice a day. Hes had these fish and his tank set up for a year now and the other two fish which are not goldfish look fine, in fact one of the others is the largest but he tends to hide in a cave almost always except to eat food scraps, rarely comes up. I'm not sure what kind these other two fish are but I can try to describe them. They look like goldfishes except they have light grey and black coloured thick stripes horizontally on their body. Also I think for the age of the goldfishes they should be more plump but they still grow. They only eat goldfish flakes and the temp of the tank is 77F. I feel really bad for the fish. When I go over their I always feed them even if they ate earlier because I think they should be eating more then twice a day. I don't know much about these fish only their environment. What can I do to make them more healthy and happy?