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    Default Can I use a Filstar XP3 as my sump return pump?

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    I am setting up a 55 gallon long tank as the sump/refugium for my 135 gallon oceanic and was wondering if I could use my Filstar XP3 as a return pump.

    My first concern is whether the pump is strong enough to pump the water up 3-4ft. to the tank above. Normally the weight of the water in the intake tube balances out the weight of the water being lifted. I planned on testing this myself, but until I get everything set up I thought I'd see if anyone else had tried this.

    My second concern is strain. Even if I try the XP3 and find that it can lift the water at a decent rate, I don't want to find out a couple months later that I've burned out my pump motor because it's not meant to be under this type of strain.

    A decent pump would cost me nearly as much as the XP3, so if I can get some extra filtration out of the deal I'm all for it. Any thoughts?

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    I am sorry but I don't think i can help you. I never tried what you want to do with a XP3 filter. Hopefully someone else will be able to help.

    I doubt that you will burn out the filter in a few months if the test succeeds but can't say for sure.

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