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Thread: Help Please!!!

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    Sep 2006

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    Default Help Please!!!

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    it all started when one of my 4 rams died, after removing him, i noticed that my other three rams had ich, i immeidately went to the lfs and bought Quick Cure and Melafix, i treated the tank with QC the first day, then with QC and Melafix(for the sores caused by ich) the second and QC and Melafix the third day, on the fourth day(today), i noticed that another ram had died, only two left now, so i did a 25% percent water change and started another 3-day Quick Cure routine, the rams look fine except that one is acting very frantic and darting about, now, even after the 3 days of medication, my pearl gourami is starting to rub against things like it has ich although i haven't noticed any spots on him yet, what's the deal, why is the rams darting, why hasn't the medication stopped ich from spreading to my pearl

    water conditions as of Sept. 9: Nitrate 40 ppm, Nitrite 0 ppm, total hardness 400 ppm (probably due to salt i added), alkalinaty 40 ppm, pH 7.8, 0 ammonia, temp. 82 (raised for ich treatment)

    feeding sparingly every other day

    also, my angel is doing perfect, no concern there, but my dwarf gourmi got a chunk taken out of his tail a while ago and is now getting some black coloration on his anal fin, i hope the melafix will treat this, will it and why hasn't it shown improvement

    ugg, there is all is, fish dying and acting weird all over the place, help me so my whole tank doesn't completely die, i'm trying all i know to save it and it doesn't seem to be enough


    P.S. just ask if you need any more specs!!

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    How long has the aquarium been upp and running? Have you followed the instructions for the meds.

    How was the water conditions today? has the nitrate level dropped?

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    Sep 2006

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    it's been up for about 2 months, i followed the instruction and the latest tests (1 hr ago) are:

    nitrate-30 ppm
    nitrite-0 ppm
    ammonia-0 ppm
    harness-100 ppm
    alk-170 ppm

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    Your water stats show readings from is 4th day of treatment so double check that nothing has gone haywire and possibly adding to the fish stress.
    I don't have any proof...and noone I have talked to can possibly figure out why, but the 2 times I have tried adding salt to my water, once for treatment assistance, and once for mollies believe it or fish started acting bizarre....swimming around like psycho fish and didn't settle down until I did a water change, the mollies, unfortunately died. Are these connected, or just coincidence, I don't know for sure, but whenever my fish act crazy I do a water change and see if it helps. So, I have not been adding ANY salt to any of my tanks for anything since.
    The melafix should help with nipped fins, but don't know if using quick cure AND melafix together may be also causing some problems. I generally would only consider adding one med at a time unless it says you can use it in conjunction with something else (ie...melafix and pimafix say they can be used together or with any API product.
    I have had good luck dosing my fish with stresscoat for nipped fins and the 2 cases of claims to help the fish heal from skin disease or injury by helping the natural slime coat. I have not used an ick medicine yet (knock on wood, hope to never have to) and have treated ICK with ^ heat and stresscoat only. It is worth a try.
    Remember too, that fish become susceptible to disease if they are stressed. Do you have plenty of room for everyone to stake out their own territories in your tank? If they are overcrowded, running into each other and squabbling that can stress them and make them more susceptible to disease. Demonshark can give you a pretty good idea of how large of a tank for 4 GBR's, and more suggestions on what you have them mixed with versus the size since he is more experienced with them. I had a male GBR once that in a 29 gal wouldn't accept tankmates, they had to be fast enough to stay away from him, including female GBR's!

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