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  1. Default New types of fish

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    I have 3 platys, 2 white clouds and 2 clown loaches in my 34 litre tank. (i know that loaches grow big, just getting money to get larger tank, any particular size reccomeded from them?) I used to have 3 male guppys in there with a male betta but the betta took 2 of them out and then i seperated the betta. this morning the last guppy died (wasn't looking good since i took the betta out about a week ago, not eating etc) I was just going to get more guppys, but i feel like getting something different except i am restricted by tank size and my own knowledge of species of fish. I was wondering what would be some nice, colourful COMMUNITY fish (no more killings plz) to put in?



  2. Default

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    Which pH and temperature do you keep in your tank. (helps me recommend fish)

    Read my article about clown loaches in the article section for more info on clown loaches.

  3. Default

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    I keep my my Ph at 7.0 but has gone to 7.2 rarely. The temperature in the tank is 27 degrees.

  4. Default

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    I also have to ask exactly what fish do you have in tank. you say you got 3 platys, 2 white clouds and 2 clown loaches but than you mention a Betta as well. has the betta been removed?

    ps. That is a bit warm for the white clouds.

  5. Default

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    I did recently remove my betta and put him in a 12 litre tank with a female. I have seen around that white clouds do like cooler climates but when i found that out, i turned heat down to 25 degrees celcius and they didn't cope well for 1 day, lathargic, slow, pale and when i turned up to 27 again they where thriving again. I think they like warmer water because the aquarium shop i bought them from is always quite warm so they would have been warm since birth.

    PS: The aquarium man said that my male and female betta should get along in the tank together (12L). I then saw someone post that they would soon attack each other. I have had them together for a week now in the a seperate tank and no problems, (if anything the female was the most dominant one lol!) but I thought i should ask the know-all of fish (u lol) what his opinion was. Female in with male or in with my 34 litre tank with platy etc?

  6. Default

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    A male and female betta in a 12 l tank might be a problem in the long run. It might work untill it is time to breed but the male will not tolerate the female once the eggs have been deposited and might veri well (likely) kill her.

    Species that might be suitable for your tank includes dwarf gouramis, german rams, peacock gobies to mention a few colorful species.

  7. Default

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    ok thanx, but shoudl i get two or more of these fish? and what happens if my betta don't breed? Because i don't have anything in the tank like a leaf or anything Because i don't know what has poison in it. So still seperate?

  8. Default

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    If your Betta don't breed they might get a long permanently.

    The fish mentioned are not schooling fish so you can keep just one if you want even if I personally prefer to keep them in pairs.

  9. Default

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    ok thx for ur help

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