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  1. Default Romeo and Juliet

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    So I'm cycling my tank the natural way with some starter fish. I was going to choose some mollies or platys, but the girl at the fish store told me that everyday when they clean for dead fish, the bleeding heart tetras rarely have any floaters. I decided to take her advice and purchased two.

    Let me tell you a story about Romeo and Juliet (my tetra pair):

    Romeo and Juliet (because of their bleeding hearts-get it?) were happily swimming around in their tank at the fish store until one day, the fish queen came to take two of their 'people' away to a new home. Well Juliet tried her hardest to get away from the net, but in the end, she was captured and taken away from Romeo. Romeo was a very brave little fish and refused to live on without Juliet, so he allowed himself to be caught easily so that he could join her.

    The fish queen took them home and floated their bag in a very beautiful and large tank. They both looked on anxiously at their surroundings actively swimming around in their baggie. Romeo and Juliet had no clue that their fate had been sealed.

    The bag opens and in comes some of the water from their new home. Rome and Juliet swim around in it confidently, but they sense there was something different about this water. They had not realized that their new home was a newly set up tank, and they were needed to help cycle it.

    Romeo and Juliet were finally released into their new home, and they explored it thoroughly. They played and dashed about quite happily, and surprisingly, ate a nice dinner together by the blue aerator light--very romantic.

    Romeo and Juliet know they are doomed to live a short life together. They will need to battle the evil pH monster, the horrible nitrite sea dragon, and the ammonia-nater, but nothing will tear them from the love they have for each other.

    Romeo and Juliet forever!

    This is my witty and clever signature. You like? :)

  2. #2


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    Very interesting There is a chance that the two might tough it out and live as well

  3. Default

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    I am hoping they don't live up to their names. Wouldn't it be wonderful if they could grow up nice and big together?

    I'm already in love with them, and I've had them for only one day so far.
    This is my witty and clever signature. You like? :)

  4. #4


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    I wish them luck!

  5. Default

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    Romeo and Juliet says thank you, as do I.
    This is my witty and clever signature. You like? :)

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    Haha no problem

  7. Default

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    WOW! You should write childrens books or something. I'm always a sucker for a good love story though. You should call your next starter pair Iztaccíhuatl and Popocatépetl. (They are two volcanos in mexico named after a famous pair of lovers named Izta and Popoca) Very Romeo and Juliet "esc" story but much, much older. I think the story is much more romantic too!!!

    Oh and give my best wishes to the new fish.

  8. #8


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    that was a great story I hope your new fish do well in your tank.
    ABCD goldfish
    MNO goldfish

  9. Default

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    Nice story. I hope your fish live long and good lives.

  10. Default

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    I came home from work today with my heart pounding in my chest waiting to see the condition of Romeo and Juliet. I walked in the door, went straight to the tank and immediately skimmed the surface and the floor for them. Nowhere. My heart beats harder....AH!!! There they are!! They were hiding. I gave them a small pinch of food, and when the filter current brought the flakes down, they went crazy! They ate nearly all of the flakes and was picking up leftovers from the floor. I decided they looked great, but were still too shy. I went got them 6 more buddies today, and you should see this school. They are so happy! They keep swimming and zipping back and forth chasing each other and checking stuff out.

    I tested my water again, and everything is exactly like it should be. My pH was .4 too high, so I did one small treatment, and it's perfect now. I did a 10% water change and retested an hour later. Still fine. It may take forever for my tank to cycle, but I'm willing to be patient for their comfort.

    I'll keep a close watch on my tests which will be done everyday, and I'll do as many part water changes as necessary to keep them healthy and happy. I also raised the temperature a couple of degrees to 80 F and noticed they enjoyed the warmer water more. They mostly stick to their school and are incredibly lively.

    All hail the Shakespeare posse!
    This is my witty and clever signature. You like? :)

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