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    Default Size of Blue Rams

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    I've only got a 16 gallon tall and thought that I could fit a pair of Blue Rams in there along with 8-9 other relatively small fish, cories, danios, gobies and otos. When I got into the LFS I saw Bolivian Rams, which are only supposed to get to 3" -- Blue Rams are supposed to be up to 2". Well, the Bolivians were a LOT biger than they seemed to be described as they are not only at least 2.5" long in the store, but they are also beefier fish.

    I haven't seen blue rams there in a long time and they are supposed to be getting them in this week. I told them to hold a few of them for me. I'm not sure if I can get a male/female combo but I'll certainly try. So here are my questions:

    (1) How large to blue rams truly get - is it "up to 2" " or are we more realistically talking about closer to 3"?

    (2) Accordingly, is my tank too small to realistically house 2 blue rams? I do have some reasonable vegetation in the tank and only smaller fish.

    (3) Speaking of smaller fish, I was told that Rams have smaller mouths and that my fish are just large enough not to be "food" by nature of the math. Is this true?

    (4) If I can only get 2 males, is it insane to consider such a purchase and placement in the tank?

    The other option is to (a) get another few fish of the 4 species I have or (b) get a pair of male honey gouramis or (c) get just a few other small fish (sunset variations, platies) or ghost shrimp to fill out the tank to a "full" 11 or 12 fish maximum in this tank.

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    Blue rams usually get to 3" although I've seen bigger.

    They wouldn't eat your fish but there would likely be some bullying.

    I wouldn't get any rams in a 16 gallon. I think 25 gallon is minimum for a pair but someone else here may say otherwise. You may be able to put a single ram in a 16 gallon long but that 16 gallon tall would be pushing it and again, there are probably people here that would say otherwise.

    IMO you'd be better off with a pair of honeys or some smaller fish, less complications.

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    Yeah you can get a pair of rams. You will have to be careful, because there will be agression issues.

    Blue rams gan get up to 3 inches and some stay around 2.5 inches.

    And no, they wouldn't eat your fish. They is likely to be no bullying unles they are breeding.

    Are you sure you getting quality rams? 75% of the blue rams you will see at the LFS are from Asia, and will die off right away.
    CORRECTED video of my fish. This link works. For sure. Really.

    20g long: 4 panda cories, 1 honey gourami, 1 apistogramma borellii, 1 male cacatuoides
    20g High: 3 bolivian rams, 12 rasboras
    8g hex: empty
    5g: empty

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