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    I would rather think that breeding should increase coloration, not decrease it.
    8 tanks running now:
    1x 220 gallon, 2x55 gallon, 1x40 gallon long, 1x29 gallon, 1x20 gallon long, 1x5.5 gallon, 1x2 gallon
    Gouramis, barbs, rasboras, plecos, corys, tetras, fancy guppies, swordtails, ottos, rainbow shark, upside-down catfish, snails, and Max and Sparkles the bettas.

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    Tigers head stand all the time nothing to worry about.
    The fading color could have to do with nitrates and nitrites in the tank.
    Fish usually lose color because of age, malnutrition or poor water quality.
    What are you feeding them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by freshwaterfishies
    Tigers head stand all the time nothing to worry about.
    The fading color could have to do with nitrates and nitrites in the tank.
    Fish usually lose color because of age, malnutrition or poor water quality.
    What are you feeding them?
    When tiger barbs head stand it means something is wrong. It IS something to worry about. Usually it has to do with tank parimaters-normally nitrIte.
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    I thought headstanding with barbs was due to overfeeding?
    Duller colouration ? check out the differences in colour between male and female. the redish snout/nose area should be reddish on the males along with fins but I think I have females with Dull snouts red flashes in the fins, snout colour good indication of sex. If yours are headstanding the body shape will be FAT and you cant use body shape to sex them. you might find the duller ones are simply female

    They will be fine. Put them on a 2 day diet and 25% water changes for a few days. Check your water quality before each water change and monitor water quality by way of recording at least daily best twice a day when your having problems, you should see things settle down.
    Last edited by Colin; 01-15-2008 at 01:07 PM.

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    Everything is all and well in our tank now. The head standing and fading color has stopped. I still think it was a mating thing, but who knows. We did come down with a case of Ick shortly after this started, so maybe part of it was due to that too.
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