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  1. Default BALA SHARK HELP

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    hey, i just got a 20 gallon tank, and im planning on getting balas. ino that they need a big tank, and im getting a 200 gallon in a couple months, but i just want to know if it was ok if i cycle the 20 gallon for only 2 weeks with comet feeder fish, or if it isnt good.

  2. Default

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    That is okey if you have use for the feeders afterwards. Also feeders can introduce disease.

  3. Default

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    ya, i had a comet that i had for like a week before i got them, and its prolly 4", and it got a hole in its gil on one side that is kind of big, not terrible, and there is another one just developing on the other side, should i put it in a seperete tank so he doest spread w/e he has to any of the other fish, or is it normal?

  4. Default

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    since no1 is replying, i put it in another tank, but it still just sits there with its tail down at the bottom of the pool, with the hole, it seems to be getting bigger 2, so i REALLY need some help, because i dont want to put it in the freezer, but it looks like its in such pain, so some1 pleeze help me fast, PLEEEZE!

  5. Default

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    Sounds like hole in the head disease. There are some meds available in fish stores that might help but hole in the disease is often fatal.

  6. #6


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    the only humane way to put a fish out of its misery is with clove oil. dont cycle with feeders unless you want to start off with diseases.
    Aquarist since 1995
    Biologist and Published Author in Multiple Aquarium Magazines
    Owner: Aquarium Maintenance Company
    Advanced Aquarium Concepts: Articles about many aspects of aquarium care.

  7. Default

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    ya, well i guess i learned that the hard way, im going to NC for a week in 2 days, so if i leave the feeders in there for a week, then take them out and cycle without anything for like a week or 2, would the desease have gone away, or would i have to completely clean the tank, and if so, could i return the feeders to the store...because i DONT want to put my balas in ther until i am completely 100% sure that they well be safe in there....and reptileguy, i never heard about clove oil, how would i do that, i heard that putting them in a bag, then in the freezer is the most humane way???

  8. Default

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    Well look you shouldnt give it back to the fish store smilling and saying heres your fish I have no room and when you come back to buy a feeder fish you found out all the tanks have that deisease you tried to get out of your tank I suggest putting it down and trust me they wont come back to haunt you or anything clove oil will work nicely so will putting them in a cup and then into the freezer all these "humane" ways still create the same thing.....death! So just put clove oil on em and they will go nice and quick.

  9. #9


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    freezing is actually a pretty cruel way to go. it isnt even close to quick, and many species can tolerate very low temps, so it is even worse for them. i dont remember the dosing but you put a certain amount of clove oil in a bucket with a gallon of water and put the fish in. they go to sleep and are overdosed on it. the tank wont cycle without fish in it. take the feeders back to the store, at least someone will get some use out of them. they wont give you any money for them and may turn down the visibly sick one(s), if they do you can put it down with clove oil. you can fishless cycle using pure ammonia, safe for all fish since none will be in the tank.
    Aquarist since 1995
    Biologist and Published Author in Multiple Aquarium Magazines
    Owner: Aquarium Maintenance Company
    Advanced Aquarium Concepts: Articles about many aspects of aquarium care.

  10. Default

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    ok, so since there is an apperent deisease in the tank, when i bring the feeders back, should i just leave the tank and have the sickness disapear on its own, you should i clean the gravel and the tank, and if so, how to i do both in this case.

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